Funcom Still Wants Age of Conan on X360, But Controller Remains Biggest Obstacle

The Game Developers Conference doesn't properly start until Wednesday, but companies are taking advantage of the gathered press in San Francisco to show some 2008 wares. One of MTV Multiplayer's first appointments was an updated look at Age of Conan, currently scheduled to drop on PCs sometime in May.

But, it's also coming to the Xbox 360 - eventually. While catching up with Funcom Product Manager Jorgen Tharaldsen, he updated MTV Multiplayer on the Xbox 360 version's progress. Unfortunately, Funcom doesn't yet have a timeframe for release, as the their resources are devoted to ensuring a May ship date for the PC version.

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pwnmaster30003831d ago

i hope dis would be good dis is da only game da 360 has dats really ko

socomnick3831d ago

Im sorry I could not understand your message I don't read "stupid".

ASSASSYN 36o3831d ago

It is actually ENGRISH. A language that some fools believe is sufficient at using.

power of Green 3831d ago

Mua...wooo.. spweeeb...muuu *all the time spinning*.

Bladestar3831d ago

Ohh crap! the PC is losing an exclusive to the xbox 360! damn! now I have to sell my PC! hehe.. sorry just had to do that.. funny how everyone go nutz when an xbox 360 goes to the PC but not when PC games go to the xbox 360.. PC = Microsoft platform.

permutated3831d ago

Jeez how many buttons do you need to make a game work?

I miss the days of jump-attack-magic-grab.

ASSASSYN 36o3831d ago (Edited 3831d ago )

Nevermind, the fact the xbox 360 has full usb keyboard intergration and a mounted keyboard for the controller. Any usb keyboard works on the 360, navigating the blade, friendlist, sending messages, chatting in final fantasy online and chatting in phantasy online. And yes I understand the controller itself is the problem. The game is keyboard oriented.

gambare3831d ago

What brand of USB keyboards are 360 compatible? I want to get one.

wageslave3831d ago

From the article:

"Not yet. Does the recent confirmed cancelation of “Marvel Universe Online” worry us?"

Marvel Universe Online was amicably canceled due to the economics surrounding the ongoing costs of a MMORPG.

The controls will have to be changed, but there isnt any technical reason why they'd have any trouble at all.

Age of Conan on Xbox 360 == rocks.

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The story is too old to be commented.