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Playstation All-Stars: Battle Royale Review (Empty Lifebar)

Call it a clone or a knockoff but Sony might be onto something here. The Playstation at this point is roughly a 18 year old brand with its own rich history at this point. There have been Smash Brothers clones since the N64 debut but none have felt right despite appearances. Some have been memorable like Dream TV having a car being a fighter but the balance has never been matched. Enter Sony’s Superbot Entertainment which is a split from Santa Monica, the studio that churns out God of War. (PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, PS Vita, PS3) 5/5

djslimzz  +   1041d ago
Really...5 out of 5... You give 3+ and 3- and find a way to give this game a perfect score!

Since when is "Sly Cooper has no block and instead goes invisible which is unfortunate" a con! It's like saying: "I give UMvC3 an perfect score, but as a con I say, It's too bad that Rocket Raccoon is short".

Anyway, you guys know what you are doing, and apparently, you are trying to tell the world that PASBR is as good as Zelda: Ocarina of Time!
jujubee88  +   1041d ago
Call out a perfect game..
..And I will call you a fool. Plain. Simple.

Look at the authors value system when it comes to ratings. Is a top rating something that got the author as involved as the last great game they played? Was the game worth every penny? ... Perhaps, it could be all of the above (and something else).

The only time someone should question a rating is when it is -1 or 11 out of 10. That's just a confusion on behalf of those that are suppose to have a value system.
ThatArtGuy  +   1041d ago
MAN!!! You people really need to get laid. 5/5 is equal to Ocarina of Time?!? It's a five point system, not a hundred point system. There's less room for AAA games to breathe in a five point system.
If you have a four star rating system for movies, and a movie receives 4/4 stars, does that mean it's as good, or better, than Citizen Kane? Not necessarily.
You people have way too much time on your hands. (Maybe you've been using them too much.)
Magic_Spatula  +   1041d ago
I agree that Sly Cooper not being able to block shouldn't be a con, because he doesn't need to. He has a teleport ability which serves as a dodge which easily works better than a block for him. Also, going invisible works well in many situations. Sly is one of the best characters in the game if used correctly.
djslimzz  +   1041d ago
+ How is BIG DADDY not a PS Legend. By that Logic, the new Dante is...and his game isn't even out yet. Sorry...but this review makes no sense. As a gamer, I feel insulted when I read something like that!
abzdine  +   1041d ago
then stop reading reviews and go check the game out for yourself. if you are a true gamer you shouldn't rely on reviews no matter how good or bad they are, end of story !
djslimzz  +   1041d ago
I playd the game for at least 10h Thank u very much
kornbeaner  +   1041d ago
A perfect score! HA! This is stupid, the UI in this game is something out of the 1990's but in a bad way, the Tutorials are lame and half way broken for some of the characters. Crossplay matches are full of lag, this game is fun and nothing more. To call this game perfect is an insult to the industry and the reviewer should be perma-banned from the internet.
bubblebeam  +   1041d ago
Your commment would have a lot more credibility if your picture wasn't of Super Mario Bros 3 (an excellent game BTW).

I didn't disagree with your comment, as it is your opinion. I myself love it. For me, growing up with the PS1 and PS2, it brings back lots of memories and childhood fantasies (mostly unsexual....... :)
AusRogo  +   1041d ago
Calm down mate, its just a review. The UI is bland , yes, but cross play has yet to lag on **me and I haven't heard anything bad from anyone else.
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soljah  +   1041d ago
yep and that's why you buy and play fighting games for the ui and tutorials.
you can see that superbot spent their time concentrating on the actual fighting mechanics and smooth game play ,which they nailed.
is there room for improvement- yes. and hopefully SB will be around to support the game
TuxedoMoon  +   1041d ago
From the looks of this review, I honestly don't think this guy played the entire game thoroughly. I had good reaction to the game the first time I played it, but the second time I played it, I started to notice the flaws and things that just didn't mesh well as a whole. The second play through and beyond made me realize how much I hate the combat system of killing your enemy with a special move.

This game is good, but to say it's a 5/5 is really too much. A believable score would be between 6-8. Flaws from my experience would be the weak story mode, the weak training mode and no command list, and probably character looks (they look like they are ripped straight out of their games instead of given a unique style to unify and make all the characters look and fit better together).
WeAreLegion  +   1041d ago
How many fighting games have a good story mode?

None of them.

Weak training mode?!? It's the most extensive mode in the entire game! What are you talking about?

Yes, the characters look like they were taken from other games. Should they water down the art styles of different games, just to make them all look similar? No. Are you insane? That's the dumbest idea I've ever heard.
TuxedoMoon  +   1041d ago
Both Mortal Kombat (9) and DCvsMK had a very good story mode. Soul Blade up to Soul Calibur 3 had a pretty good story mode too. Even Brawl had somewhat of a story/adventure mode. IIRC, didn't Blazblue and Persona Arena have a story mode too?

I never said anything about watering down, just touch up the characters to make them seem more unified in the game itself. They could've put a lot more detail into Sly and Spike for example. Parapa is a lot like Game and watch, so there isn't much you can really do with him other than increase the resolution and make him look prettier. I just find it lazy that they didn't try to put more of their own style into the game's characters. The whole game could've even gone the MVC route and be cell-shaded if they wanted to.
Calm Down Sunshine  +   1041d ago
You're saying words that don't mean things.

"things that just didn't mesh well as a whole." - What.

"character looks (they look like they are ripped straight out of their games" - They have been... That's the idea.
TuxedoMoon  +   1041d ago
IMO, them just ripping characters straight out of the game and not touching them up in some way is a little lazy. It's possible to touch up a character and still have the character true to their games. Why wasn't Toon link cell-shaded in Brawl? Because the shadings didn't match with everyone else.

The things that didn't mesh well, IMO, were the characters (art direction and decisions particularly), the game play, and the weak other modes available.

I recognize that it's a good game, but based on what I played and sticking to the main topic, it's not a game the deserves a 5/5.
Ultr  +   1041d ago
some people just dont get the obvious.
Thanks for pointing it out :)

Really complaining that the characters look like they took them out of their own game?¿ BAHAHAHAHAHAHA made my day pal!!

Its a tribute to all Playstation Gamers, OF COURSE ITS MENT TO BE LIKE THAT!!
Ethereal  +   1041d ago
I had a blast playing it with friends. So far, I really wish the UI was a bit more modern but maybe they were going for a retro look. Anyways, look forward to more characters!
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kratoz1209  +   1041d ago
Good review and the score is very accurate :D
alot of fun this game is
dafegamer  +   1041d ago
ah is always good to the trolls going fully raged
smashcrashbash  +   1040d ago
I love when people get angry because a game didn't do as badly as they think or thought it should have. That is truly pathetic. A reviewer tells you what he thinks never asks you to believe him or to take his review at heart and yet you feel insulted because he didn't give it the score you think it deserved. Trust me if I gave games the score I thought they deserved a lot of games that people fawn and parade around would be going down in flames right now. Another thing I love is how people are trying to search for everything to put PASBR down with. Menus? Story? characters looked like they were taken right out of their games? Training mode? Because you hate killing people with supers? I mean what, does everyone wake up whenever they want a game to fail or something?

I watch reviewers slap on high scores on games despite people pointing out the obvious flaws in the game that people ignore but PASBR must be analyzed from every angle and torn to shreds with every problem you can make up. Where were the complaints and low scores for SSB or every fighting game before it about story? Where were the demands for lower scores for every crappy forgettable story STF, DOA or MK cranked out as people screamed 'it doesn't matter'? But suddenly PASBR it matters a lot? Why? What is with bringing out the whips and torches for PS3 games and letting other games walk by without so much of a glance? I saw someone attack the person reviewing the game on Destructoid because he didn't call it a clone and he thought to made itself it's own game. Just imagine the person was angry because they didn't go along with the childish crap gamers harped on about PASBR being a clone of SSB. People keep on insisting that the super attack only doesn't work no matter how much people say it does. Why? Because it did work for you? I hated the whole push you of a cliff shoot you if you try to get back up, run far away, people smashing someone you were hitting nonsense of SSB but if I said lower the score because I didn't like it I would get my head chopped off by defenders. So the guy likes it a lot and doesn't see any reason to lower the score. So what? You don't have to listen to him. No matter how much people say Dishonored is the best game ever I still am not buying it. Who cares if you think it deserves a 6? Who is reviewing the game here?

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