Halo 4 And Why I No Longer Care About the Future of the Halo Franchise

Geek Binge: I’m going to get this out of the way early, and despite my best efforts, I still feel this will fall on deaf ears due to my greater point, but I’ll try anyways: I am a Halo fanatic. Not a fan, a fanatic. I’ve been in love with this franchise since the beginning, and devoted every single day of my life through middle school on Halo 2. I was there, in line, for the midnight releases. I got the legendary edition (and helmet) for Halo 3, I was blown away by Firefight in ODST, and I also loved Reach. The lore, the gameplay, the music, the simplicity and the mystery, almost everything about the Halo universe has intrigued me and hooked me, and I really didn’t know for sure how to feel about another studios taking over a part of my life (much like a recent film franchise purchased by a corporation). And after completing the campaign, and Spartan Ops, and everything multiplayer has to offer, I have finally found some peace and can openly express my inner thoughts and hesitant fears.

I no longer care about the fate of the Halo franchise.

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EVILDEAD3602031d ago

Don't worry millions of Halo fans still do


unchartedxplorer2031d ago

Am I the only one that finds the 'Evil' at the end of each of this guy's comments a bit annoying?

lifesanrpg2031d ago

How can you be a self-proclaimed "fanatic" and then just all of a sudden not care about the fate of the franchise? Surely such a big fan would have a harder time letting go.

GearSkiN2031d ago (Edited 2031d ago )

Its all good he's opinion doesn't matter

SaffronCurse2031d ago (Edited 2031d ago )

Completely agree with this article. I just can't get into this damn game like i did with previous Halo titles.

TekoIie2031d ago (Edited 2031d ago )

Its incredibly funny how a self-proclaimed Halo fanatic cant be fanatical enough to actually complete the game "properly" to find out the answers to his questions.

If you find all the terminals the Didacts backstory is explained, the covenent get fleshed out more but still have a degree of mystery behind them.

Also there's this:

"And after completing the campaign, and Spartan Ops, and everything multiplayer has to offer"

Small question. How have you completed Spartan Ops before anyone else? I mean considering the whole thing isnt out yet I would very much like to know how you got to play it ALL before the rest of us...

Shadonic2031d ago

Exactly the things just started and Dr Halsey has just got into the story he dosent know where its going to go and from what i can tell dosent even know the FULL story of the game.

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The story is too old to be commented.