Treyarch: Black Ops 2 Leaderboard Reset Fix Coming Soon

Treyarch has just confirmed that Black Ops 2 development team is aware of leaderboard reset issue, and fix for it is coming soon.

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Statix1847d ago

Awesome. Now how about a fix for that lag compensation?

StanLee1847d ago

Talk about fixing a problem by making it worse. Lag compensation is so much worse than host advantage.

The_KELRaTH1847d ago

The host lag compensation is so bad on the PS3 that I'm trying to find network solution ways for the game to stop picking me as host!

And why can't they set VOIP to off (or party only) by default rather than on - so damned infuriating!!

Dark_Overlord1847d ago

I have found a way to do it, just run some torrents in the background (linux distros will do) and make sure they hog about 95% of you're bandwith, although this then gives you an unfair advantage.

Before anyone accuses me of cheating, I'd just like to say I do not play the MP portion of any CoD :)