Review: ZombiU for Wii U (GamerTell)

GamerTell has posted a mixed review of Ubisoft's Wii U game, ZombiU.

From the review:

"So, I was a bit let down by ZombiU. It does a good job of showing off the GamePad, but does little to show off the system; the graphics aren’t that great, and the action isn’t intense enough to make it interesting for new or multiple players. You really have to get deep into the game to enjoy it, as it mostly feels like another boring zombie game until you get pretty deep into it."

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jbgamer2031d ago (Edited 2031d ago )

YYYYYAAAWWWWNNNNNN!! ANOTHER SONY AND MICROSOFT BIASED REVIEW!!! the game is selling out like hot cakes, and the fans on mii verse have made up their minds!! NINTENDO FANS LOVE IT!! IT'S a real hard core game, that does, what RESIDENT EVIL 6, LEFT 4 DEAD, DEAD ISLAND, AND OTHERS CAN NO LONGER DO... ZOMBI U Brought THE HORROR BACK INTO SURVIVAL HORROR GAMES. AND is a real challenge like real hard core fans like!! so get over it video game media, along with the five star ninja gaiden 3 razor's edge, A FAR SUPERIOR GAME THAN THE 360 AND PS3 VERSIONS, ZOMBI u IS A FIVE STAR GAME AS WELL.


GROW UP!! the wii u is next gen and hard core, for those of you who don't think so, hey what ever helps you sleep at night... the reality is here, NINJA GAIDEN 3 RAZOR'S EDGE AND ZOMBI U ARE SELLING OUT, AND WHEN i TALK TO FANS ON MII VERSE, THE PEOPLE WHO BOUGHT THESE TITLES LOVE THEM!!

SO YOU LOST SONY AND MICROSOFT MEDIA, nintendo fans are finally buying hard core titles, you can't handle it, hey what ever helps you sleep at night!!! wait until BAYONETTA 2, MONSTER HUNTER TRI ULTiMATE, AND MORE EXCLSUIVES THAT ARE IN THE WORKS... the wii fans are also buying COD, BATMAN, AND WITH 1.6 MILLION GAMES SOLD IN ONE DAY!!!

NOT all of those were nintendo land, and dance party 4!! sorry, Hard core games are now selling, get over it!!!

G20WLY2031d ago

Don't let these things get to you, it's doing well on Metacritic.

In fact, it's got the exact same score as LittleBig Planet Karting, 74 for critics, 7.4 for users, so now you can prove it's not as bad as some people say.

jbgamer2031d ago

That is good actually and little big planet is a good game i just know why these people are giving it some bad scores.

deafdani2031d ago

Dude, you don't need capslock to make your point. At all. Ugh.

Stroke6662031d ago

I really don't get reviews like this. On the miiverse people ask others should they get zombiu because they hear BS like in this article and everyone who comments back tells how great the game is and how much they love it. I've read through quite a few comments on the miiverse about zombiu and there are no negative reviews at all. Everyone whose bought it and played it loves it. Yes Jb video game media has become very biased.

Neonridr2031d ago

It's true. However, a lot of the hate stems from MS and Sony fans who cannot play this game, so naturally they put it down. It's like that for any exclusives. I for one love this game. Sure it's not perfect, and it's not pushing the boundaries in the visuals department, but the muddiness and bland textures suit the atmosphere of the game quite well. It's very moody and dark, and extremely tense. Not to mention it can be brutally hard at times. Cannot wait to finish it!

G20WLY2031d ago

Opinions are polarised on this game, but most seem to like it on the whole.

Be careful when forming opinions based on Miiverse chatter though, as Nintendo apparently delete negative feedback about games, for whatever reason, as you'll see from the link below:

Personally, when I get my WiiU, I'm gonna borrow it from my mate :)

Stroke6662031d ago

wow thanks for the heads up, gonna go test the waters a bit myself. let you kno how it turns out

Stroke6662029d ago

i've looked into it and i've come across many negative comments about nintendos games on miiverse. well not entire games but people dont like particular mini games in nintendo land and outright say they hate it and it sucks so big brother may be warching but he's not biasly parenting

pjeigh2030d ago

Just curious - did anyone actually read the review?