Dante's back, but is DmC a worthy reboot?

DmC, Ninja Theory's contentious reboot of Capcom's popular Devil May Cry series, has been a hot topic on gaming forums since Dante's young new look was revealed almost two years ago. The game has received minimal positive responses from fans of the series, who feel Capcom is trying too hard to appease a casual Western audience.

Is the reboot worthy of the Devil May Cry moniker?

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OptimisticPrime1941d ago

I thought the demo was very good. Has a lot of fun sarcastic attitude. I liked the old games and I like this game so far too.

TemplarDante1941d ago

Dante's back?!??!?!?
Did Capcom really ditch the immature swearing white trash smoking imposter ?!!!?!?!?
Oh.. no, wait.. you mean him :(
He isnt Dante. Dante isnt a degenerate.

AsimLeonheart1940d ago (Edited 1940d ago )

The new guy is "Donte". People need to learn the difference between the cool "Dante" and the imposter "Donte".

PirateThom1940d ago

I still can't believe there's people who think Dante is cool.... Donte isn't cool either but, really?

No FanS Land1940d ago

who knows, maybe he's actually called donkey?

SquidBuck1941d ago

The game looks awesome, everyone stop complaining!

Hanso1941d ago

it isnt the gameplay needs some serious fixing

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