'I have killed them all' phone call lands gamer in jail

In Delhi, Louisiana, a gamer's telephone call touting his latest victory in a video game led to his arrest Monday morning. Thomas Ballard, 29, reportedly wanted to call a friend to share the news. However, instead of reaching that friend, Ballard unintentionally contacted a woman shortly after midnight saying, "I have killed them all."

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Rikitatsu3804d ago

"Hello?" to Confirm that he is his friend, not just Directly Saying "I killed them all" -____-

sonarus3804d ago

lol dude must have been on coc. Can't go calling up random ppl saying crazy stuff. Random ppl tend to snitch and you off course have to know the feds got your phone tapped.

Andreiy3804d ago

What happened to First Amendment?

Mr Murda3804d ago

To be honest, I've caught myself talking about games in front of other people and feeling a little weird. I'll be talking to a friend at a party or something, saying "I killed that little b*tch and his friend too" and then realize I'm getting weird looks. I can definitely understand some old lady's shock getting a call like that.

dantesparda3804d ago

What a dumb b!tch! (The guy in the story)

gta_cb3803d ago

maybe he was stuck on a certain mission for a long time but didnt want to give up and as soon as he completed the mission he was so happy he wanted to let his friend know.

im not saying this is the case, but i can see it being true as i was the same with COD4 on Veteran when i first purchased it =) as soon as i had beaten it i got my mate on private chat. If he wasnt online i would prob have called him

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ASSASSYN 36o3804d ago

Don't do drugs or they will do you in the end.

Meus Renaissance3804d ago (Edited 3804d ago )

LMAO. Perfect picture. Whoever submitted it, get over here so I can give Bubbles. Come on, give him a round of applause ladies and gentlmen

gta_cb3803d ago

if you really want to give him bubbles then just go to his profile and click on a comment he has submitted and then it will take you to a post of his =) then obviously just click the green + =)

dachiefsman3804d ago

wow...I don't know how you got a disagree, but I was on the same page with you....

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