How The Industry Killed TimeSplitters 4

Max Level: "There are several video game franchises from our previous generations that I’ve been desperately waiting for in the current gen. NBA Street and Def Jam Fighting made an appearance early in this cycle, but were killed by swagger-jacking… or rather, trying to copy other games. Kingdom Hearts is supposedly on the way and folks are still on the edge of their seats waiting on that one. I personally have given up any hopes of a new Syphon Filter game. Hell, Gabe Logan wasn’t even included in PlayStation Allstars Battle Royale, let alone getting his own game this generation (which is honestly quite fucked up in my opinion because Syphon Filter was an amazing franchise and was right up next to Metal Gear Solid as far as espionage spy/action games on the PSX went)."

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SnakeCQC2182d ago

ohh plz timesplitters is one of those games people remember fondly because of nostalgia nothing more

BitbyDeath2182d ago

Have you not played it before?
People remember it fondly because it is unique.

No other shooter gives you hundreds of characters to play as or as many weapons to use or near as many game modes.

Opportunity to play as a duck or a monkey is just hilarious.

SnakeCQC2182d ago

to me old games suck yes i've played it tbh the oldest games i like are fahrenheit hitman blood money and zelda a link to the past shooters are always replaced by newer ones

HarryMasonHerpderp2182d ago (Edited 2182d ago )

Whoa whoa whoa....
hold on there. Let's not forget Timesplitters was made by Crytek who were once named Free Radical which was made up of people from Rare who made Golden Eye on the N64 and Perfect Dark.
Some pretty talented people worked on the series and you can tell.
Timesplitters is one of the best shooters ever made.
The multiplayer side of the games was amazing the graphics were great with an awesome art style and the games were jam packed with different modes and unlockables.
Timesplitter's 4 would stick out from the crowd if they released it now it's a shame people seem to either not remember it or just don't care.

majiebeast2182d ago (Edited 2182d ago )

They shouldve made Timesplitters 4 ps3 exclusive instead of Haze.

Mikefizzled2182d ago (Edited 2182d ago )

If you had looked at the sales you would have realised that over half of the sales was on Gamecube and Xbox. So why on earth would they confine themselves into a single console which was still only 2 years old when HAZE was released?
Edit One bubble my bad

Mikefizzled2182d ago

This article isn't written particularly well as the author of it obvious has pent up anger and distaste for easy accessible games like Call of Duty. But surely once you have a casual gamer hooked they then discover all the niche branches of a genre. And it obviously seems like Timesplitters just isn't that interesting.