Can Xbox 360 Achievements Be Cloned For PS3?

Kotaku's Mark Wilson writes:

"I sat down with the developers of GameStrata today (that powerful game stats analysis site that we told you about a few weeks back). And while they didn't have any major announcements for me to break, they did enlighten me as to their gameplan for their coming-in their mind-years of success.

And I have to admit, their plan sounds pretty good. So hit the jump for their ideas on cloning Xbox achievements for PS3 users and a lot of other neat stuff."

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Iron Man 23745d ago

We PLAYSTATION®3 owners will be getting Home™ Trophies which are better than any lame achievement points,and what's up with all this SONY copying Microsoft nonsense,Microsoft wants to add a Blu-Ray player to their Xbox 360 seeing as HD DVD sunk


360_Rules3745d ago

So you are going to have 100 trophies? I bet you are going to get smaller Achivements for things and only a few trophies or maybe even just one for once you complete the game. How do you think Sony got so big they copy everyone. :D

InYourMom3745d ago

I called this almost a year ago(not here) that they would copy achievements and then the droids would claim superiority..

Sorry.. Often replicated, but never duplicated..


pwnmaster30003745d ago

i agreed with u if sony copies micro its a big deal but wen micro copies sony no one cares... hmmm interesting and da hell with points we got trophies i will get trophies then points any day

DrPirate3745d ago (Edited 3745d ago )

It was a big deal in '06 when the PS3 "copied" the Wii Remote (Motion Sensing)

Sony wasn't let off the hook, don't worry.

pwnmaster30003745d ago

i dont getu there are disagreeing with my comment or agreeing sorry just dont understand

Bladestar3745d ago

what did microsoft copy from Sony? if anything Microsoft copy from Nintendo and other consoles...but Playstation... what exactly did microsoft copy from Sony that Sony invented than no one ever had before? I don't have a problem with Sony copying xbox live features... good for them... I think the game industry should use what it's know to work... achivements work... so copy it... hell even the wii should have it.

Rhezin3745d ago

that's right no one cares because there's not enough people with a ps3 TO care. Yah, and good luck with those Homo Trophies and your Framerateland.

TheHater3745d ago

Ok, I will enjoy it. But you will not.

pwnmaster30003745d ago (Edited 3745d ago )

it has over 9million user base dats big enough for people to care and outsold 360 last year so yeah

Mikelarry3745d ago

give it a fancy name like accomplishments but make it into a 3d beauty voila

sonarus3745d ago

home will be nice maybe we can use our customized home characters as our gamer pics. Home does help to set up some great tournaments though. Meet at someones apartment for a tourney and launch straight into the game together.

HalfFireWater3744d ago (Edited 3744d ago )

You know, the more I here about Hoe, the more it sounds like Phantasy Star Universe, you have you Avatar, you have your own apartment that you can decorate, and you can place vases and pictures and other people can visit your room. The bad thing is that, you have to search for your friends within the confines of PSU, I have to go to the search engine, pull up my in game friends list, and search, then I teleport to their room. But if they are out in the town, i still have to find them, or voice chat them and we meet somewhere. sometimes a 10 min process to find 1 friend to go questing with. Now Home wants me to do this and then load up another game and what, will it put us all in the same lobby in that game. Sorry that was a rant. But with trophies, how many trophies will you have in one room, will the trophies be like Madden rings, or NCAA trophies. That virtual space will get big in a hurry, especially with all these great games coming out for PS3. There are at least 30 games that I have to get, times 20 trophies per game(average) that is 600 trophies in a room, where will I place my Big screen so we can all watch my new Blu-ray movie and where will all my friends sit in room.

achievements on 360 are fine the way they are, they are clean, neat, and precise. within the individual games you get trophies but no real virtual space is taken up to store them,

name3745d ago

Why does everyone act as if Achievements are some revolutionary concept never before thought of? You do something and it gets put on a list for people to see. The only thing different is the "for people to see" part. Where did dual analog sticks originate? Dual shock maybe? That concept singlehandledly saved FPS on consoles. Thank Sony for that. Who has added wifi attachments, hdmi, and has pretty much made a generation of taking would be sony exclusies and making them multiplatform? And Kotaku makes a note of saying sony "copied" microsoft for having achievements? Gime a fu;king break.

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