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PlayStation Plus: Is it worth it?

If you are a PlayStation lover like myself (I’m not a fan boy just a lover!) then YES it is worth it. I’ll put that another way. If you own just a PlayStation or you own multiple systems BUT you play your PS3 more than any other one OR you have Both the Ps3 and Vita, PlayStation Plus is DEFINITELY WORTH IT. (PS Vita, PS3)

sinncross  +   505d ago
THe only problem is that you cant choose what games exactly. That said, I have been using this as a side avenue for getting games as I am glad. i got to try out game like Double Dragon Neon, Machinarium etc and I love it. For the pure reason of giving me more variety to my gaming, I find PS + worth it.
darthv72  +   505d ago
as a service
it achieves what each membership service sets out to achieve. Once you are hooked, you cant give it up. Otherwise you lose out on all the perks.

So the idea is...dont give it up.
lodossrage  +   505d ago
This is true
I let my PS Plus lapse once. The loss of the plus symbol, the loss of a ton of game licenses,etc.

Needless to say, I was pissed for a day and I got it RIGHT BACK. And as advertised, I got all the stuff I downloaded right back.

But still....yeah, once you have it...giving it up kinda kills the psyche.
Temporary  +   505d ago
I got PS+ 3 months ago, instantly had over a dozen games to download, and saved money on DLC for some games i already had.

When it lapsed i immediately signed up for the year.

I like games.
Army_of_Darkness  +   505d ago
Psn+ definitely helps me save on purchasing new games and its that's a great thing since I'm tight on cash now, yet I'm still getting new full games to play every other week:-)
-Mika-  +   505d ago
In general, yes but right now. No.
Ryan_Hay  +   505d ago
That doesn't even make sense.
Griffin4871  +   505d ago
It's an idiot, that's why.
Pushagree  +   505d ago
Clearly trolling.
JoySticksFTW  +   505d ago
Mika goes hard when she trolls.

Normally a champion troller, this one lacked originality and was too obvious though

Rating of 5/10, but only for the number of disagreers you hooked.
Hicken  +   505d ago
Mika, you're like josephayal, except you can write (generally) intelligible sentences.

Still, you rarely ever make sense. Every now and then, you say something that's spot on.

This isn't one of those times.
Outside_ofthe_Box  +   505d ago
You always have the jokes ready at hand don't ya?
Donnieboi  +   505d ago
U just broke
dafegamer  +   505d ago
pedroyamato  +   505d ago
US -yes
Europe - yes
Japan - never (poor games, late DLC and very confused navigation)
PLAYER5095  +   505d ago
i believe it is. just got music unlimited for 12bux and ive been using it everyday. good selection of music. been listening to alblums i havent heard. and im playing that puzzle game, pretty good
Rai  +   505d ago
I got the plus when it came out I think 2 years ago or so and back then it wasn't worth it. Fast forward 2 years and I think its there. I got myself a vita on black friday and its nice to be able to get 1 game and have 5 free ones in the store.

I think any additions Sony plans on making for the PSN next generation should only be for Plus users, that way it can get more people into it, while keeping it free for online gaming.
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GrandTheftZamboni  +   505d ago
Is the Pope Catholic?
Y_5150  +   505d ago
I laughed.
G20WLY  +   505d ago
Does a bear sh!t in the woods?
DivineAssault  +   505d ago
right now is a great time to get a yr of plus
kuroukage  +   505d ago
The only thing that makes it not worth it is how painfully slow the PSN Store has become on PS3. I mean..the new sorting feature is great and all, but I'd rather have the faster software back.
Temporary  +   505d ago
Being a plus member brings the price of Music Unlimited Year Subscription from 59.99 down to $12.

That's awesome.
JoGam  +   505d ago
Even the current price of $59.99 for Music Unlimited is temporary.
lodossrage  +   505d ago
Of course Music Unlimited being $12.99 is temporary. What's your point? It's just like any other service. Sometimes you get a break on the subscription price and then it eventually goes back up once whatever promotion is over.
Donnieboi  +   505d ago
I cant find info on it. Is it a streaming service, or can u download mp3's?
Temporary  +   505d ago
It's a streaming service, works on your PC and Mobile phone as well. Very much worth it for 12 dollars. I wouldnt have paid dthe 59.99 though.

It gives you access to millions of different songs and albums but you cant download the songs or anything. You can replay them as often as you like though. No commercials and unlimited skips. It's a beautiful thing.
Sheikah  +   505d ago
To me, yes. Got my vita card packed and struggeling to find more space on my ps3.
Max-Zorin  +   505d ago
It offers access to a lot of games for free. Son't see how it wouldn't be worth it.
Y_5150  +   505d ago
I've been On PS plus since day one, really I stayed up to be the first of my friends! But I've took a break from the service since the end of the summer and right now. Right now I really wish I had it. So next week I'm going to be a subscriber again so I can gladly say, yes PS+ is worth it.
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kratoz1209  +   505d ago
Without a doubt worth every penny
SOULJER  +   505d ago
YES. They have my endorsement. I enjoy it very much.
Kingthrash360  +   505d ago
Go look at Xbox lives deal 7.00$ a month gets u online play and if u maintain that for 10 years ( that's 7x12=81x10= 801$) will get you a shiny new helmet to download for your avatar!!!
Take that and compare it to Sony's ps+ where they make u pay 17.99$ for 3 months. (I'll just compare sonys 3 months to Microsoft's 10 year) and you get a collection of games for both ps3 and vita + discounts on games/add-ons, avatars, themes and music (12.99 right now btw). I do t need to add this do I?....... So my point is why is this a question?
JBSleek  +   505d ago
Isn't there flaw to your argument? After those three months you can't play all those games anyway so you are forced to keep it going or lose all your things and also lose basic functions that shouldn't be paid for such as syncing trophies or timers for shutdown and installs. You would have to compare same timeline as Live forces you to pay to play PS+ forces you to pay to keep.
Outside_ofthe_Box  +   505d ago
***"Live forces you to pay to play PS+ forces you to pay to keep."***

PS+ only forces you to pay to keep the free perks that come along with the service. But ANYTHING you put money toward you get to keep. So if PS+ were to for some reason have a game discounted to $0.01, you'd get to keep that game if you bought it at that discount without having to continue to subscribe.

Same goes for Live, any free perk such as online play and youtube you have to pay to keep. Where as anything you purchase you keep without having to continue to pay for Live.
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Kingthrash360  +   505d ago
@jb sleek...... Lol.... My point is to the title "ps plus: is it worth it" I was just pointing out that Xbox live gold makes your pay for online and gives you basically nothing (before anyone goes there; I love my Xbox as much as the next guy and have been since launch so this is no blind fanboy comment trying to step on Xbox). Nothin in this world is free... But this is really close and overly worth it. Yea u gotta pay to keep, but look at what your paying for. Live your paying for online play. PS+ your paying for games that keeps coming in month after month. All the while having online free. If u don't pay, thos games will still be there in your download list waiting for you when you come back.
What makes this a super deal in my opinion is, I was already paying for ps+ before the free games. When they came out there was no extra charge for them so to me its free. On top of that I own a vita so when it came out for the vita I had even more. Is it worth it fuck yes. Is there a better deal out there hell no.
Why is this in question is beyond my comprehension.

@g20wly I didn't realize that point about the helmet(lol) or the fact that you keep discounted purchases. I ....I.... Learned something today.....2pts for the comment.
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G20WLY  +   505d ago
JBSleek is right, Kingthrash; cos if you stop subscribing to Live, your avatar can still wear his shiny helmet lol

One point though: when you stop subscribing to Plus, any discounts you benefitted from (which are very frequent and often substantial) remain your benefit. The anti Plus brigade always fail to spot that one - I wonder why!

In short, stop paying for Plus, you still have something; stop paying for Live, you don't - and that's a pretty key difference IMO...
BitbyDeath  +   505d ago

With Plus you get to keep everything except for the "100% off games" once your subscription expires.

So if you got a shiny helmet on plus you could still keep it long after your subscription runs out :-p
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andibandit  +   505d ago
"Xbox lives deal 7.00$ a month gets u online play "

well, im sorry to disappoint you but it gets you a little more than that....

Early DLC, and not only DLC game events too, remember ME3's online events(Operations) in the beginning where there was great items to be had.....lets just say im glad i wasn't playing it on a certain other platform.

Multiplatform games that just work. (Yes MS spends quite alot on making sure that the most popular games will work on the 360 in close cooperation with the games developer.

A stable Service(in the 7 years i can remember a 2 week period what the XBL service was a bit unstable, but you could still play)

At last i wanted to mention Security, but im just gonna skip it, you've heard it before.

Im not putting PS+ down, i thinks it's better than XBL, but i think your simplistic comparison of the two is really tailor made to trash XBL.
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Kingthrash360  +   505d ago
Lol whatever guy, that's your opinion and I respect it. but how is it trash? Just stating facts. I wasn't goin to mention security, or stability. Ill give you early dlc that's true. But stability and security is something that has to do with online gaming and that's not the subject. PSN is FREE so I couldn't compare it to a paid service. But PS+ you pay so I compared it to XBL because also a paid service. I understand that's all XBL offers is online and early DLC ( that you have to pay for). For a higher price than ps+ and ps+ gives u games. Do you feel me? Others do, look at the agrees, then look at your disagrees.
deathsarm  +   505d ago
ps plus is worth it i have ps3 and psvita and i have so meny games to play and i will have for one year + i dont think i will ever stop my subscription
josephayal  +   505d ago
I really don't know, coz the games you get for free with playstation plus expire
dafegamer  +   505d ago
lodossrage  +   505d ago
The licenses expire. But you get those right back if you resubscribe. As long as you put it in your download queue, you can get it back ANYTIME you want.

And considering we're talking about well over $200 worth of games for $50 a year, how can it NOT be worth it?
onandonandon  +   505d ago
I've been waiting 3 days for my free 90 day trial code!! It was meant to be here within 24 hrs!!!!
NeoTribe  +   505d ago
If you like games. Ps+ is a no brainer.
BitbyDeath  +   505d ago
Indeed it is, this year hasn't been the best for gaming but luckily PS+ has given me enough free stuff to get me by.

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