Two Worlds: The Temptation is a sequel, not an add-on

Zuxxez's VP of Business Development Dirk Hassinger revealed in the official forums that Two Worlds: The Temptation does not re-used a single 3D object from the original, and that due to its many enhancements (new multiplayer netcode, new gfx & sound engine) The Temptation is not even compatible with the original. Therefore, it has to be considered a sequel, not an add-on. Two Worlds 2 just didn't sound right.

Here's a translation of Hassinger's original German post in full:

"I find the discussion going into the wrong direction. As I've already said Two Worlds: The Temptation becomes a completely new game and not an add-on. Not one 3D object from Two Worlds is included. That couldn't be done due to technical reasons. We use new graphics, sound and engine. Multiplayer also has completely new codes. And it cannot be an add-on, because it is not compatible with the first Two Worlds. We did not call it "Two Worlds 2" only because that sounds strange to us.

Nevertheless simply compares the screenshots of Two World: The Tempation with Two World. (I know that there are only 4 on the Internet.) There will be new sceenshots in the next PC Action and the next GameStar. In addition we're presently working on a web page. Until those are ready, [we] give weekly information in Antaloor Post. You can read those yourself on"

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games4fun3835d ago

dont screw it up so badly this time around

CaliGamer3835d ago

Fast turn around, I guess since the first one was crap they decided to move on quickly. Good for them.

Surviver3835d ago

I don't recall any demand.
Why would they waste man time on making a sequel to
a lackluster disappointment of a game.
Sorry but this seams stupid to me.
Is there anyone who was satisfied with this game,
glad i never invested.

Eldyraen3834d ago

It sold well compared to its budget (from what I've heard) and the game itself wasn't bad outside of its terrible technical issues (hopefully with sequel they'll be fixed and have a decent/good RPG franchise on their hands). I beat its campaign on the 360 (by far worst version from what I've read, PC demo ran much better but still had some serious geometry/pop up issues) and know a couple others as well--alot of my friends bought it but think I'm only one that still owns it ;)

I'm actually curious to see how the sequel goes, but I plan on renting it first this time around and if it runs better I'll likely buy it (especially if on-line is fixed). Basically TW was just a great concept that didn't live up to anywhere near its potential (its marketing team should be given an award though).