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'The current gen is over, I'm moving to PC'

CVG - To celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Battlefield series, EA are sold BF3 for PC for £9.99 on Origin. Now I always knew from the YouTube vids that BF3 looks a lot better on PC than it does on Xbox, but seeing it for myself in ultra settings, in 1080p, at 60+ frames per second - my god it's stunning.

So I'm abandoning the 600+ hours I have on Xbox to start from scratch on PC. I've also made the decision that I'm going to buy the rest of the year's big releases on PC if they are available. For me the current console generation is over. And to be honest, I think I'm about a year late.

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WrAiTh Sp3cTr31403d ago BadLanguageShowReplies(2)
The_Infected1403d ago

And we care? I'm with the first comment.

Hufandpuf1403d ago

Commenting tells you care.

guitarded771403d ago (Edited 1403d ago )

I think you misread their comments... they said they don't care.

On topic: I don't understand why people can't just game on every device(s) they own. I game on whatever I want, whenever I want. It's like being a polygamist with several hot wives... sure it costs a lot, but the rewards can be great. Seriously, did I just make that comparison??? I am totally F'd up right now... somebody e-slap me. Having multiple wives would be hell, but I still stand by the argument for PC and consoles coexisting in a gamer's rig.

Axecution1403d ago

Yeah haha i play most of my games on PC but dammit i love me some Playstation All-Stars and i'll be there day one for Ratchet

rainslacker1403d ago

e-slapping is nowhere near as fun as the real thing. Although I assume multiple wives could help you out of that predicament as well.

Rainstorm811403d ago

"EA are sold BF3 for PC for £9.99 on Origin. "


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The story is too old to be commented.