GTA 4 vs. This is Vegas graphics comparison

Wondering whether the graphics of This is Vegas could become a serious competitor of Grand Theft Auto 4 or not, German gaming site PC Games made four comparison images.

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wil4hire3804d ago

Better Lighting.

Better characters.

Seriously, who believes that Ryan Seacrest over there with his tribal t-shirt is going to be a "Badass". Worried his spray tan is rubbing off..


barom3804d ago

I agree in that GTA is probably better but in terms of lightning. This Is Vegas kills GTA. Just look at all the reflection on the cars, look at the shadows and look at the colors. I think in terms of lightning and colors and graphics This Is Vegas is better.

In terms of gameplay it remains to be seen. Rockstar has had a good history with their GTA games while Surreal has a lot to prove. So for now I would say that goes to GTA. Graphics for open world games doesn't really matter that much anyway

Storm233804d ago

Why would we ever want these two games to be compared?

PlAyA_693804d ago

wel storm 23 both are sandbox type roaming..

This is Vegas IMO is more brighter and vibrant although the main character cant hold a candle to niko bellic...

i love GTAIV bt This is Vegas lookz really fresh 2 the genre

wildcat3804d ago

I've never heard of This is Vegas.

Fishy Fingers3804d ago

Isnt Vegas like a year away yet? Think its slightly unfair to compare a finished game to one still early in development.

But hey, this site likes to argue over pointless things....

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The story is too old to be commented.