PlayStation Home to come out soon?

We've heard about Warhawk's integration into PlayStation Home, and we're incredibly happy about the news. But there's a rumor that may make us even more giddy about Home. According to this juicy, supposedly insider, tidbit, we're going to get PlayStation Home "VERY VERY VERY soon".

According to a PlayStation forum member, he managed to get in touch with an insider, who "shared" his/her knowledge about the development of PS3 games, and the things that a game needs for it to get included in the PlayStation Home network. Check out this excerpt, and read it carefully:

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skynidas3261d ago

I hope that this is true i want to play Home

Mr_Kuwabara3261d ago

Same here!

Jee golly I love rumors.

T_O873261d ago

if sony are going to release it this soon do you guys think its still going to be in beta form or its all tweaked and finished ?

v1c1ous3261d ago

you don't play it as much as you....uhhh...digitally live it?

Lord Anubis3261d ago

sorry to disappoint you but home is not coming very very soon, something related to home is coming very very soon.

solidt123260d ago

at least there is evidence to back up this rumor. The side blunder from last week where they posted that Warhawk to have home and in game music features ect.

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PStriple7033261d ago

"Theres no place like home"

Iron Man 23261d ago

Dark Sniper agrees,there's no place like Home™


winlonghorn3261d ago

Aunty Em! Aunty Em! There's a twister coming! Sony may actually release Home Aunty Em!! LOL :D

gonzopia3260d ago

Home is where the hard drive is.

Korosuke3261d ago (Edited 3261d ago )


Ri0tSquad3261d ago

The PS network icon isn't even there.

Kleptic3261d ago

the beta started nearly a year ago...there is nothing out of the ordinary with that picture...those trailers are old too...

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Mikelarry3261d ago

they should just release it already so that i dont have to quit my game whenever i want to chat with my friends online