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Super Smash Bros. vs. PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale: The Fight Is On

Just for fun, we finally pit the superstars against one another in a clash of epicness! (PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, PS3, Super Smash Bros., Wii)

League_of_Draven  +   827d ago
I don't see why you would compare these games. Super Smash Bros easily wins with more modes, a roster fans actually want, and better gameplay.

If you want it to be fair then compare Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale to TMNT: Smash-Up that way it at least has a fighting chance (of course even then the TMNT game would likely win).
Hicken  +   827d ago
Well now, that depends, doesn't it?

Are we comparing PSAS to the third iteration of SSB, which SHOULD have a larger roster(even if many of the characters are just reskins or have few playing differences)? If not, then we should compare Brawl to a PROJECTED third PSAS entry.

(You do that by approximating the percentage of growth in each title- characters, levels, unlockables, etc- and apply that to successive PSAS releases until you hit the third. Why the same percentage of growth? Because we're assuming that PSAS is growing at a similar rate in order to remain competitive.)

I said all that, but really you should just stop trolling. You really suck at it. A "roster fans actually want?" Ice climbers? That's what people want?

How about functional online play?

How about a fighting mechanic(it IS a fighting game after all) that requires some level of skill?

Oh, if we compared it that way, I guess SSB wouldn't win after all.
Zodiac  +   827d ago
It should have more characters. Comparing the roster size of this to the first is silly when looking at the drastically distant time frame.

All stars has 20 characters on a 50 GB Blueray disk.

The first smash bros had 12 characters on a 4-64 mb cartridge from the 90's.

Five Sony consoles and we only get 20 characters? Not even all first party characters i might add.

Not hating on the actual game, but the roster is an obvious loss for all stars when comparing the number of characters and memory size of the disk compared to the first smash bros.
Army_of_Darkness  +   827d ago
Too be honest, i didnt even acknowledge ssb...
I only paid a little more attention to ssb such as checking out video reviews, gameplay and etc.. because of all the comparisons to Sony all stars game and I must say, all stars looks and plays way better in terms of an actual fighting game. Takes much more skill since I played the beta and will soon get the full game. Nintendo fanboys are just hating cause they got a bunch of useless characters from Mario games to battle in a fighting game for crying out loud!
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Ben_Grimm  +   827d ago
Oh Hicken, you were on a roll until you got to the Ice Climbers part because those guys are actually a high tier character(s).

"How about a fighting mechanic(it IS a fighting game after all) that requires some level of skill?"

This again proves that you may have witnessed SSB and maybe played a round or two but never truly PLAYED SSB.
TeddyRoseKidd  +   824d ago
Yes smash bros takes way more skill to combo than in PSAS. Smash bros, no combos are preset so u have to string them together on your own perfectly.

PSAS i button mashed with Kratos and was pulling off easy combos. Smash bros, to know gravity, speed, timing, basically a crapload of percision.

The first smash bros was for a way weaker console so theres no point in comparing character roster or modes or levels. You can compare it to melee and even that game blows this game outta the water
Chidori  +   827d ago
Why do this...Why?
bubblebeam  +   827d ago
Well, in a more civil world, this would be possible.

Too bad the internet is full of fanboys who will defend their version to the death, without ever playing the other.
Chidori  +   827d ago
Exactly. I had a few points in mind as to why Brawl is a better game, but I'm not even bothering. It's N4G after all.
ShoryukenII  +   827d ago
I prefer Super Smash Bros. because of the characters, the art styles blending well and the gameplay. The controller and online suck though. Hopefully PlayStation All-stars gets better next gen with characters that players want (instead of publishers).
Lionalliance  +   827d ago
hmmm...It would be cool to see a cross over with Sony charatcer vs Nintendo characters, would be cool to see.
vork77  +   827d ago
SSB hands down
TuxedoMoon  +   827d ago
I played a little bit of PSAS and I just didn't like it. I played a lot of smash bros and went in trying my best not to compare it to smash at all. The controls were more like TVC/MVC3, except it didn't feel that the controls meant anything. I didn't feel like it had a light/medium/heavy attacks. Controls are something that the player has to get used to I guess, but related to that was the actual feel of the hits.

When you hit someone in say DOA or Smash bros, you hear that loud "booom" effect. It might be just me or the TV we used, but the effects and the hits felt so weak. They were more like thumps than booms.

Then there's the roster. I was never a huge sony fan. I did like Parapa the rapper, Shadows of the colossus, and Ico...but everything else just passed over my head. I played God of war and liked it too, but was never too into it. I guess it's because of this distance from the sony franchises that I didn't get anything out of the roster. No one on the roster really impressed me. IT wasn't that I wanted certain characters in the game, but what really bogs the roster down is the gameplay. If I feel that the gameplay is weak, of course the rest of the game is going to feel like crap.

I'm not saying that it's a bad game, but it's just not a game for me I guess. I'm not into the characters and I found the gameplay dull and annoying. I hate the whole "YOU MUST KILL WITH YOUR SPECIAL" mechanic, because that means your combos will always end with a special and that's the only way you can win.
Smashbro29  +   827d ago
The comparison really isn't a good one to be making they don't have enough in common once you get into it.
TuxedoMoon  +   827d ago
They have a lot more in common, IMO. At their base, they're both party/fight games, they both have a unique gimmick that is different from traditional fighting games, they both support 4 players, and they both have a diverse cast.

Both games have combos. Watch a smash bros tourney match (especially ones from the Melee era) and you'll see how ridiculous smash bros matches can get. PSAS has combos and juggling, but they're more or less easy access combos. PSAS teaches you how to combo where as with smash, you have to figure everything out. Which game requires more skill? That's up to the players. One can says that PSAS requires more skill because it has more buttons and is built for combos. Another can say that Smash requires more skill because you have to figure out how to link and time attacks to make a combo.

What makes them different is of course the gameplay mechanics. Smash bros goal is to knock your opponent off the stage where as PSAS is to kill your opponent with your special. This is the major gimmick that separates both smash and PSAS.

If people are going to dismiss smash bros. as a fighting game, they might as well dismiss PSAS as one too. It has a lot of similarities to smash bros and although their gimmicks are different, they aren't traditional (real) fighting games.
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sashimi  +   827d ago
Sure compare a series that is over 10 years old and has had the time to improve over several platforms vs a new IP.

Of course SSB will be "better" but PS All Stars is still a pretty good first outing and will only get better with every sequel.
TeddyRoseKidd  +   824d ago
Yes but the comparison was due to the fact that PSAS is obviously 100 percent inspired by smash bros. There is no denying, thats why they compared them.
jukins  +   824d ago
There's only 1000 fighting games out there and the fact that the developer pulled in Seth Killian as well has well known hardcore fighting game players, not sure how you got the 100% inspired by.
capjacksparrow  +   827d ago
I have to go with All Stars. Specially since it has amazing online play! And the roster? It all depends on who your favorite characters are! I loooove Kratos, Ratchet, and Drake! They are among my favorites of all time. I never grew up with all Nintendo (though I loved Pokemon), so it was never nostalgic to me. Both games are awesome though!!! Can't wait to see sequels of both.
kratoz1209  +   827d ago
Smash Bros was lame, not enought combo moves,

All stars is alot better, Sony also has the better characters.
andibandit  +   827d ago
Sorry, but the
"I only kill with SPECIALS"
is the lamest thing ever,
SSB wins.
TeddyRoseKidd  +   824d ago
Smash bros u have to actually have skill to do combos, this game u button mash into them. Im not saying this game sucks because i do enjoy it, but it wont ever even touch smash bros
jukins  +   824d ago
This statement here shows you just don't know how to play or more likely you haven't actually played it. Just take a look on YouTube at some of the combo videos that are popping up. We get it you are think brawl/melee is better but when you state false claims about psabr you kinda come off as a ninty boy which you very well maybe
DevilRebellion  +   819d ago
Have both, love both for different reasons! End of story!

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