Super Smash Bros. vs. PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale: The Fight Is On

Just for fun, we finally pit the superstars against one another in a clash of epicness!

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League_of_Draven1822d ago

I don't see why you would compare these games. Super Smash Bros easily wins with more modes, a roster fans actually want, and better gameplay.

If you want it to be fair then compare Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale to TMNT: Smash-Up that way it at least has a fighting chance (of course even then the TMNT game would likely win).

Hicken1822d ago

Well now, that depends, doesn't it?

Are we comparing PSAS to the third iteration of SSB, which SHOULD have a larger roster(even if many of the characters are just reskins or have few playing differences)? If not, then we should compare Brawl to a PROJECTED third PSAS entry.

(You do that by approximating the percentage of growth in each title- characters, levels, unlockables, etc- and apply that to successive PSAS releases until you hit the third. Why the same percentage of growth? Because we're assuming that PSAS is growing at a similar rate in order to remain competitive.)

I said all that, but really you should just stop trolling. You really suck at it. A "roster fans actually want?" Ice climbers? That's what people want?

How about functional online play?

How about a fighting mechanic(it IS a fighting game after all) that requires some level of skill?

Oh, if we compared it that way, I guess SSB wouldn't win after all.

Zodiac1822d ago

It should have more characters. Comparing the roster size of this to the first is silly when looking at the drastically distant time frame.

All stars has 20 characters on a 50 GB Blueray disk.

The first smash bros had 12 characters on a 4-64 mb cartridge from the 90's.

Five Sony consoles and we only get 20 characters? Not even all first party characters i might add.

Not hating on the actual game, but the roster is an obvious loss for all stars when comparing the number of characters and memory size of the disk compared to the first smash bros.

Army_of_Darkness1822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

I only paid a little more attention to ssb such as checking out video reviews, gameplay and etc.. because of all the comparisons to Sony all stars game and I must say, all stars looks and plays way better in terms of an actual fighting game. Takes much more skill since I played the beta and will soon get the full game. Nintendo fanboys are just hating cause they got a bunch of useless characters from Mario games to battle in a fighting game for crying out loud!

Ben_Grimm1822d ago

Oh Hicken, you were on a roll until you got to the Ice Climbers part because those guys are actually a high tier character(s).

"How about a fighting mechanic(it IS a fighting game after all) that requires some level of skill?"

This again proves that you may have witnessed SSB and maybe played a round or two but never truly PLAYED SSB.

TeddyRoseKidd1819d ago

Yes smash bros takes way more skill to combo than in PSAS. Smash bros, no combos are preset so u have to string them together on your own perfectly.

PSAS i button mashed with Kratos and was pulling off easy combos. Smash bros, to know gravity, speed, timing, basically a crapload of percision.

The first smash bros was for a way weaker console so theres no point in comparing character roster or modes or levels. You can compare it to melee and even that game blows this game outta the water

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bubblebeam1822d ago

Well, in a more civil world, this would be possible.

Too bad the internet is full of fanboys who will defend their version to the death, without ever playing the other.

Chidori1822d ago

Exactly. I had a few points in mind as to why Brawl is a better game, but I'm not even bothering. It's N4G after all.

ShoryukenII1822d ago

I prefer Super Smash Bros. because of the characters, the art styles blending well and the gameplay. The controller and online suck though. Hopefully PlayStation All-stars gets better next gen with characters that players want (instead of publishers).

Lionalliance1822d ago

hmmm...It would be cool to see a cross over with Sony charatcer vs Nintendo characters, would be cool to see.

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