Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch Hands-On Preview (Prima Games)

An in-depth look at the JRPG that's ready to take the West by storm.

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Blastoise2005d ago

Really excited for this game, gonna be awesome. Studio ghibli & Level 5 = genius. Shame it probably won't "take the West by storm" =/

Skate-AK2005d ago

I think it will. We have been waiting for a classic RPG.

rezzah2005d ago

Got me the special limited limited edition ;)

knifefight2005d ago

There's also an import review floating around that says this game delivers:

Julie2005d ago

Thanks, awesome review indeed the best review i have read in a while :)

Chrono2005d ago

Will Prima make a strategy guide for this game?