GDC '08: Are casual games the future?

In his keynote session for the Casual Games Summit 2008, taking place as part of this year's Game Developers Conference, PlayFirst CEO John Welch talked about "The Promise of Casual Games." In his opinion, the "promise" in question is that the once scoffed-at genre will soon eclipse hardcore gaming as non-gamers flock to it.

"Casual games are really, really big. You can tell just by the size of the room we're in this year," Welch told a packed room. "The point here is we have the opportunity to elevate video games to become a first-tier form of entertainment, like TV. We will have succeeded when 'casual games' goes away as a category, and 'hardcore games' is the niche."

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TheHater3772d ago

I fricken hope now. If it do, then I am not playing videos game again, or just play old video games that is gear toward the hardcore gamers such as myself.

JsonHenry3771d ago

make as many casual games as you want. I am not going to give you my money though.

BrianC62343771d ago

I'll be happy to see the Wii finally die so we can forget about all this casual crap. Gaming is a hobby for people serious about gaming. Forget about casual games and casual gamers. Neither can carry the gaming industry the way real gamers and real games have been for years.

I have no problem with casual games. They're fine for downloading from PSN or XBLA. And only cost around $9.99 or less. But overall I want big games that take some time to play. And I don't see casual gamers buying many games so they shouldn't even be considered gamers.

Harry1903771d ago

go to thev forum section(ps3 software)
there are discussions taking place on this

Harry1903771d ago

forum section(ps3 software)and give your thoughts

cmrbe3771d ago

i will stop gaming as much as i do now.

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The story is too old to be commented.