Montreal International Game Summit (MIGS) Round-Up

Ladies and gentlemen, the ninth annual Montreal International Game Summit (MIGS) is well underway, featuring a plethora of industry professionals coming together to share their skills and views about what’s going on in the video gaming scene. Fully loaded with an Exhibition Zone, a Career Fair, an Art Gallery and several other social activities, MIGS is easily considered to be the biggest event in Canada. On Tuesday November 13th,'s Jon Batzios was fortunate enough to interview a handful of industry professionals, in hopes of gaining a better sense of the differing areas of expertise needed to keep the industry running smoothly.

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djslimzz2004d ago

And here I though no one was going to cover that. Awesome interviews!

ChampOfChamps2004d ago

I agree, amazing interviews! Good job imgmr!

bootycandy2004d ago

The "Psychology" one with Jason Vandersomething was actually pretty funny. It's a long video but essentially its a TED talk. Also, killer voice.


BigTonytheDon2004d ago

This is interesting definitely going to take the time to listen to the vids. *page bookmarked*

djslimzz2004d ago

So many interviews! I actually go into trouble at work for viewing videos on the web. Thank god my boss loves video games...
He doesn't have a N4G account, but he said: "Wow, the interviews are nice. Thank god they didn't interview Peter Molyneux via Skype"!

DevilRebellion2004d ago

I was at MIGS, actually! It was pretty much this! In other words, informative and awesome!

Pandamobile2003d ago

I missed my chance to go to MIGS this year :(