GDC08: Mysterious shroud hides XNA secret

An enigma awaits GDC attendees who waltz into the Moscone Center's North Hall, the current home of Microsoft's XNA display. Placed amongst the various screens and demo stations running independent, XNA-powered Xbox 360 games is a sheet bathed in purple lights and mystery. "Coming Soon! Wednesday February 20 11:30AM" declares a nearby sign.

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power of Green 3715d ago

Remember to check out Xplay's coverage of GDC starting at 5:00pm PST today. 11:30am is the end of the speech starts at 10:30am just incase you wan't to follow it on the 20th.

TheExecutive3715d ago

huh... i wonder what it could be? A game? A HOME like feature for the 360?

power of Green 3715d ago

If you actaully read the post the tone suggest that its *just some XNA* announcment.

Hatchetforce3715d ago

XNA = biggest overblown smokescreen with nothing behind it ... ever.

Talvish3715d ago

I really hope this is the ability for Live members to play XNA created games without requiring Creator's Club membership.

wageslave3715d ago

They've talked before about how they arent really finished bringing XNA community to the users yet..

I think you may be correct...I wouldnt be too surprised.

meepmoopmeep3715d ago

maybe the xbox will go portable?

wageslave3715d ago

They just bought Danger Inc. I think that will be the basis of their portable gaming future. They did bring up Xbox when they released the press about the Danger Inc. purchase.

I imagine a as-yet Danger Inc phone will be the Zune Game or Xbox Phone or whatever.

Rikitatsu3715d ago

MS Hype for its products is unrivaled ... Too Much Hype , its almost funny ... i hope it lives to the hype though

InYourMom3715d ago

Yes, having a curtain covering a new announcement is waaaay beyond hype.. MS needs to back off a little, maybe use a paper bag and cover it or something. lol

How is this hyped at all? MS has no control over these websites who will say anything to get hit's. If you ask me the community hypes this stuff up more than MS.

TheExecutive3715d ago

oh come on dude. if you blame hype on the media it cant be the companies fault.... oh wait... most hype is created by people within the media.

Bladestar3715d ago

@InYourMom - hahaha! good one.. seriously some people are just plain haters... you call this hype? wow.. not matter what microsoft does you always find a way to critisize it...

mintaro3714d ago

how can anyone possibly disagree with InYourMom? what he says makes a lot of sense

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The story is too old to be commented.