Trine 2: Director's Cut Review | IGN

IGN: "Trine 2 throws players into a dazzling fantasy world and gives them three fun characters – tools, really – with which to save it. It's delightfully open-ended, from how you solve problems to whether or not you go it alone. Fans of puzzle games will not be disappointed."

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Heavenly King2003d ago

Hopefully IGN´s WiiU wont screw up, if not they will have to buy the game again XD.

Munnkyman2003d ago

Does anyone's wii tablet keep disconnecting

Munnkyman2002d ago

Damn I was just asking. Just thinking of returning it and getting a new one

for we are many2002d ago

This game's visuals are exceedingly beautiful, it makes me sometimes pause the game and just stare at the screen, or take a screenshot and post it to Miiverse while commenting on its beauty.

Mikito112002d ago

Can't wait to play this, looks beautiful

DwightOwen2002d ago

Was going to buy this until I saw it on sale for $5 on Steam.

Sorry, Nintendo.