The gaming industry wants more of the same, not innovation

StickSkills said, "Although the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 are the most recent video game consoles released by industry leaders Microsoft and Sony, the technology running the devices isn’t exactly cutting edge. The machines have been on the market for seven years, which is almost twice as long as the original Xbox’s shelf life. It’s been an extended cycle compared to what’s been done in the past, and while great innovation has been seen in its tenure, the industry has settled into a safe, predictable pattern."

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DeadSpaced1914d ago

That isn't entirely true. There's always room for innovation.

BitbyDeath1914d ago

Agreed, not all innovation is good/needed though.
As the great Al Bundy says 'If it ain't broke, don't fix it'

SideShort1913d ago

and he was a women's shoe sales man that hated everyday of his life :P let's not take advice from him. I keed, good quote.

Welshy1913d ago

"The industry" may not want it, but as a gamer, i want new ideas and innovation in games.

Sequels are good, but you can't beat picking up that one game every now and then that just pulls you in and genuinely surprises you with new and impressive ideas.

Catch 22, "the industry" doesn't want it, but as a gamer i want it and i rely on the people who don't to supply it.

Convas1914d ago

I want fresh material, but I also want my mainstays to continue as long as they're relevant.

As DeadSpaced said, there is always room for innovation. New experiences should never be looked down on.

Dno1914d ago (Edited 1914d ago )

sorry guys but your wrong. gamers speak with the almighty wallet. and that says we want sequels and underpowered hardware.

Sony has made the most new games and the strongest hardware and it struggles most of this gen. M$ has halo, gears and forza and does well and sells more then any sony release (besides mab uncharted 2 and GT5). no new titles at all. nintendo didnt even go in HD with the wii and it sold way more then the rest. then wii u comes out and so far the ports are worse then older systems (even tho i love the mii verse)

You want new games and new titles? you have to... actually buy them.

yodawins1913d ago

you know there's a difference between the real gaming industry and cod sheep.

kalkano1913d ago

No. There's not. That's the problem. The COD sheep make up the vast majority of gamers. If that wasn't true, the industry wouldn't be in the sorry state that it is.

Philoctetes1913d ago (Edited 1913d ago )

I dunno. There are new and original games out there, and you don't have to look that hard for them. Dishonored just came out a couple of months ago and was a nice breath of fresh air. XCOM is something different, Rainbow Moon and Journey were something different, Demon's Souls was something different, etc.

Edit: Also, there's nothing wrong with enjoying COD or Battlefield or Halo or Gears. Yes, they're cliched and over-done, but they're still fun for what they are.

yodawins1913d ago (Edited 1913d ago )

first of all the fps industry isnt in a "sorry state" call of duty is in a sorry state. ive seen multiple refreshing fps this year besides cod that is.

rainslacker1913d ago

If it weren't for those big sheep titles and the casual market the industry would be in very bad shape financially. It's highly unlikely we'll ever see the kind of diversity in games that we had in the PS2 era because game production costs have skyrocketed. That's why indie is taking off so well now...because it's where most of the innovative titles are coming from.

kalkano1913d ago

Actually, if a company made a high-budget turn-based RPG, or strategy RPG, with the best graphics possible, and advertised the hell out of it, I can pretty much guarantee it would sell like crazy. It's just that companies don't want to take the risk of something like that failing. If I won the lottery, I think I would put some money towards getting one company to take the leap. Afterwards, plenty of others would follow.

rainslacker1913d ago

Outside of FF and DQ, RPG sales pale in comparison to what is possible with a AAA FPS. It's not to say they couldn't invest half of what they do into these big titles and still make a nice profit, but that's just the state of the industry. Those big titles and the casual market allow them to make the "lesser" known titles that fill that void for us. There is only so much room on the market for AAA titles. I would certainly like to see more variety in the big names...I mean after all I don't think we need as many big FPS as there are, but apparently there are plenty of people that do enjoy them.

I just think calling them sheep is rather elitist. People like what they like, and it's not for you to decide if they are right or not. In the meantime they are helping to fund other games that we like. The investment isn't there on the innovation side of games in any part of the industry IMO.

kalkano1913d ago

But that's the problem. Other than DQ and FF, there really aren't any AAA RPGs. Pretty much every AAA game is an FPS or over-the-top arcadey action game. It's boring.

rainslacker1912d ago

You do have a point there. Although I would say the tales games are pretty AAA, albeit somewhat dated in their presentation. Persona comes to mind, but it is kind of niche. I don't know how any of the recent AAA RPGS have done(outside of FF/DQ), so I can't really say how it would matter. There were some this gen, new IP's even, but don't recall there being a massive marketing campaign for them, and certainly not like the yearly COD campaigns.

I'm on board for there being more variety any day, and can't argue with you on that. Getting back to my original argument though, it is those big games which allow the others to release. However I may be flawed in that as I don't the owners of those big games really making the kinds of games we are both talking about wanting.

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Somebody1913d ago

Big innovation means we have to learn something new and adapt to it so it will take a very long time for wide acceptance or face certain doom. The Wii is a great example of big innovation that storm the industry at the right time-there's literary no one else doing that tech at launch. Windows Tablet (the first one, personally introduced by Bill Gates long before the iPad) is a good example of how a great idea can be doomed upon arrival.

But innovation cut in small chunks and integrated into old tech will have a better chance of accelerated acceptance and survival. Apple devices and CoD are prime examples of this.

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