The two best PS3 bundles to get on Cyber Monday are from Amazon and GameStop

If you are looking for the best deal on a PS3 bundle starting on Cyber Monday, then you might want to check out two bundles from Amazon and GameStop. The two retailers are offering two separate promotions on PS3 bundles with over $100 in savings.

The first PS3 bundle is the PS3 250GB Family Entertainment Bundle an Amazon Exclusive starting at $299 (reg. $399). Customer save over $100 by picking up the bundle for a limited time. The bundle comes equipped with some of the best features and accessories for the PS3 including the following items that will save you over $165 off normal retail.

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SarahFox1731d ago

i'd go with Amazon myself, love me some Playstation All Stars and the Ratchet master

Godchild10201731d ago

I would too. More content for the price and 4 games without the plus subscription.

rpd1231731d ago

Nope. Best is the one from Target/Best Buy/Amazon (in my opinion at least). It comes with the 250 GB PS3, Infamous, Infamous 2, Uncharted, Uncharted 2, and a 30 day PS+ trial. And it's only $199. Less money and better games in my opinion.

KangarooSam1731d ago

Best Thanksgiving gift I ever gave myself!

Only one I've ever gotten too, but still.