Is A Quad Core CPU Useful To The PC Gamer?

Voodoo from briefly goes over the current state of Quad-Core CPUs, and if it's even worth it for PC gamers.

"Beyond the price, is a quad core CPU useful in a PC Gaming rig? Well, if you use your rig like I do, it is used for more than PC Gaming. Sometimes I may be only playing a game but other times I there might be a TV recording in the background. Video recordings, especially live ones, are very susceptible to lack of resources which will result in loss frames. As a matter of fact, any type of audio/video encoding/decoding/transcoding can play havoc on the CPU. With a quad core, you have cores to spare... But this brings us back to the first point, is it worth it?"

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xplosneer3719d ago

Barely any insight...he talks about how much it would tax the unit then just skips to price and ends with opinion. How bout some RESEARCH or FINDINGS when you run a game and record at the same time on both Quad cores?

bourner3719d ago

yer i see what you mean . i wanted to know if it helps with gaming comopared to a good dual core

AdamBlue3719d ago

We're just gamers curious about the same things aswell. We just posted this to try and spark some conversation. We hoped providing this link would bring some poeple over interested in discussing it.

Or we can complain.

BrianC62343719d ago

Quad core is a waste for PC gaming. The PS3 takes advantage of all its cores but PC games don't really use them. You're much better off buying a faster single or dual core processor.

One big reason to not waste money on quad core for gaming is the extra cores won't be used like if you were browsing the Web. You want you PC dedicated to gaming while playing a game.

I guess if game developers start taking advantage of the extra cores it might be worth it. Or if you want the PC for other things besides gaming. If it's a gaming rig though go for more speed.

Charlie26883719d ago

According to Tomshardware

If you are going to make a pure PC gaming rig you are better off right now with the Dual Core due to price and performance (a little bit more expensive but an extra edge on performance in games than current Quad Core)

If you are also doing video coding, 3D rendering you should considering the Quad Core due to price and multi core improved performance in heavy programs (heavy programs showed a good performance upgrade with Quad Core but games still had high performance in the high Dual Core)

BUT when the new Quad Core comes out that actually has more performance than the high Dual Core in games AND has the heavy programs multi core support then that one is the choice BUT remember they are going to come out very expensive

RJ20003719d ago

We haven't tapped into the full potential of the Dual processors yet. Why would we jump to multiple processors if we can't come up with algorythms that only have two?

deeznuts3719d ago

Is your computer science degree telling me that my video editing programs is not using all four of my cores while my task manager, and actual processing time, is telling me otherwise?

And how about this, running one dual-threaded app, while running another app at the same time?

f4nb0i3719d ago (Edited 3719d ago )

Why have 7 SPE's in the cell processor when developers cant even use more than 30% of their power?


(yet that is)

answer this then you answer the question about quads

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