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Valve Economist: The company has started developing hardware, “I really saw the future”

Gamechup writes: Yanis Varoufakis, who is an Economist at Valve, has revealed a lot of interesting things about the future plans of the company in an article he wrote recently. (Dev, Industry, PC, Valve)

The_Infected  +   1093d ago

"I’ve signed an NDA so I can’t reveal much more. I’ll just say that I really saw the future. (it’s not a small deal to see a virtual but highly realistic alien stand beside a real human in the same room with you, walk around the room and wink at you. And all that without a screen, a projector or even a computer near you…)”
shutUpAndTakeMyMoney  +   1093d ago
day 1!!! will it have steamworks support?

"He says that Valve is worried about Microsoft and Apple who have a closed ecosystem and also grab a larger share of profits"

lol Microsoft worried about Apple, Apple worried about Microsoft & Valve is worried about Microsoft and Apple.

Hostile world we live in.
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ATi_Elite  +   1093d ago
Gabe Newell....my hero!
Microsoft is going the Apple route and locking down Windows and slapping a fee on every mouse click. Not really but it's gonna seem that way here shortly!

For some reason I see Apple opening up more ever so slightly to gain a wider share of the OS market to make more money. Your iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad all do the same dam thing and eventually the Apple faithful will get tired of buying new ones every year or go bankrupt from buying!

either way I agree with Gabe and don't want PC Gaming to be interfered with by extra Fees from Apple or MS.

The move away from MS and DirectX is a great step and if I gotta by a Windows and Apple free box to play PC Games with the same freedom I have now then here is my Credit Card Number!

Tons of great games have come from people just being free to create on the PC. Adding a whole lot of Fees will just slows down and stops the creative juices and we will only be left with games with double digit numbers in the title!

Call of Duty 21, Mass Effect 11, Crysis 15, etc..

No one wants that so if Apple and MS become too restrictive for Devs then Valve has a solution! Valve and Gabe Newell are ALL about the Gamers best interest!
KMCROC54  +   1093d ago
Question worried about fees isn't steam free, so what fee are you worried about or are you concerned that chubby will have to give up more to get his shit on everyone else playing field leaving less for him to pocket.
PimpDaddy  +   1093d ago
I laugh at anybody that believes any of these companies have gamers best "interests" in mind. If Valva got in to the hardware business it would be so they could gain some control over the market in order to make MONEY.

That is all these companies care about. Not you, not me, not us. They only care about their bottom line...
Donnieboi  +   1092d ago
U said "here is my credit card number" but I don't actually see it. Please, feel free to PM it to me. <3
solar  +   1092d ago
@ PimpDaddy

Yes, part money, but if you have followed Valve and GabeN as a whole, you would understand more of the whole picture. GabeN loves games. He loves his customers, he loves the industry. What other game developer has given more to its fanbase then Valve has?

Answer: No other. GabeN was a multi millionaire before Valve, a billionaire thanks to Valve, and a generous hardcore gamer who cares more about a great game then making a few bucks.
tee_bag242  +   1092d ago
@ PimpDaddy
Of course they want to make money. But it comes down to company philosophy.
Take Ferrari vs Toyota. Ferrari sold cars to pay for racing - so they could be the fastest.
Toyota started racing to sell cars.
See the difference :)
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aliengmr  +   1093d ago
This isn't really that new, Gabe's been talking about wearable computing for a while now.
fermcr  +   1093d ago
I'm curious.
computeSci  +   1093d ago
That some how left me with an eerie feeling after reading that. An alien walking around, then winks at you? That would scare the hell out of a little kid.
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League_of_Draven  +   1093d ago
I know what you mean.

Damn Mexican pedophiles.
Qrphe  +   1093d ago

Your implication burst part of my sides

3GenGames  +   1093d ago
If this happens, and it runs PC games...you can say hello to Linux becoming the standard for gaming in a year or two. I mean, it'll still be on Windows too! (As it should) But Linux builds will start to become standard along with PC builds.

Happy day. :)
r21  +   1093d ago
Imagine playing Slender with this tech D:
Knight_Crawler  +   1093d ago
Imagine playing The Binding of Issac with this tech.
TemplarDante  +   1093d ago
I hoped Gabe wouldve aided in PS4 development, given its ditching the Cell for more of a pc approach. Gabe is a great mind, a visionary. I was hoping steam couldve been integrated out the box on PS4.
KangarooSam  +   1093d ago
Sounds great, and obviously the future. But for Valve to be the ones leading us to that future they've gotta get some other huge developers on board. Also, it's not like it will convert any game. And I imagine for it to look good file sizes will be fairly large. Still, really looking forward to finding out more about this.

Side note: holographic Mass Effect, anyone? :D
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aquamala  +   1093d ago
Imagine a box that's just like a console but play PC games on steam, I dream
Sp1d3ynut  +   1093d ago
That would still be a PC...just dedicated.
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MikeMyers  +   1093d ago
I hope to see Valve at E3 next year and have them unveil their new hardware. That would be a much welcomed addition to the current competition.
mochachino  +   1093d ago
God, I hope so. No one else is innovating, they just think better graphics, more multimedia functions and bigget advertisement bugets will be next-gen...it's not, it's just this gen version 2.
Sp1d3ynut  +   1093d ago
I don't think this guy understands the meaning/purpose of an NDA. If he worked for the military or CIA/NSA, he'd already be "missing".
Sp1d3ynut  +   1091d ago
....and neither do the 2 people who disagreed. -_-
neogeo  +   1093d ago
Gabe shut your fat mouth and TAKE MY MONEY!
liquidhalos  +   1093d ago
I would LOVE a steam console i honestly would but Gabe isnt exactly the best at communicating with fans or sticking to deadlines or on occasion telling the truth. Im still upset with the lack of HL2:EP3.

I doubt i could buy a steam console without being concerned about him shelving games without communicating with steambox owners. Please Gabe dont let us down again
aliengmr  +   1092d ago
Get over it already. I want HL3 (or whatever) as much as the next fan but to say its indicative of what they do now or will in the future is getting old.

Seriously, after all Valve has done getting upset about HL3 is a bit nitpicky.

Way I see it HL3 is going to have to compete in a whole different playing field. The landscape has changed and I want HL3 to succeed and not be lost in the vast sea of FPSs.

Keep in mind, they were burned once with the source leak.
liquidhalos  +   1092d ago
no it isn't nitpicky in the slightest. Many many people (myself included) rate the HL games as some of the best ever made and we want the episodic story finished before HL3 comes out. People bought into the episodic adventures and payed a premium for them (on release) based on the promise of 3 short but timely releases which would amount to a full game. This didnt happen and no word has come from Gabe explaining this.

These arent the best foundations to build a reputation on. BUT that being said ill say it again, i would be concerned with my purchase of the steambox with regards to steam maintaining support for it and providing timely updates.

Im not hating on steam in the slightest, i think its the best thing to happen to PC gaming in years but gabe needs to be more translucent, just translucent not transparent. Maybe give burnt gamers some reassurance

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