New PlanetSide 2 Video: Can Your FPS Do This?

Following the recent release of the highly anticipated MMOFPS, PlanetSide 2, the developers Sony Online Entertainment have just announced the release of a new video. The video asks one simple question before demonstrating exactly what PlanetSide 2 offers, “Can your FPS do this?”

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Ghost_of_Tsushima1821d ago

I still wanna know if this is a PS4 launch title! It kills me to know this. Lol

Heavenly King1821d ago

I guess it is possible considering that SONY online entertainment is the developer.

Skate-AK1821d ago

I was thinking that but then again it might be hard to push both Planetside 2 and DUST. I think it will stay PC exculsive.

FPSRUSSIA1821d ago

i would love to have these on the PS4

killerhog1821d ago

If you can't wait, try MAG or starhawk and the soon to be released Dust.

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Heavenly King1821d ago


Xristo1821d ago

Although a little buggy, which is to be expected near release of any game of this scale, this video is what it's like. Love this game! For the NG!