Six must-have games for your Nintendo Wii U

Ebenezer Samuel:

The Wii U is here. Arrived last week, actually, and (likely) sold out at all the retailers near you between Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

If you’'ve got one of Nintendo'’s new consoles, though, you'’ve likely endured –or will endure come that big Christmas unwrap some ups and downs: Slow updating times, sluggish menus, too few TV apps and way more usage of those old-school, last-generation WiiMotes than you might expect.

But you'’re also in a very unique playing experience, on two screens, not just one. That’'s led to a handful of original games for the Wii U, and a handful of creatively rebuilt ports. And here are our favorite ones, games that belong in your collection – and should provide a Wii U roadmap for developers, too:

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TheLyonKing1970d ago

I am going to get hate but I think I am finally get sick of the mario formula over and over again, I mean this is alright but it's just not the same as when I first played super mario 2

thaimasker1970d ago

it prints $ lol
also don't they only do 1 2d mario per system?

t0mmyb0y1970d ago

I agree man. I got Mario Bros U because GF wanted it. It's alright but the same thing. The next Mario better be something like Mario 64 or Sunshine.


Why am I not excited? They said it was must have.

Daoshai1970d ago

Well you have one bubble, so going out on a limb here..... because your a fanboy?

jbgamer1970d ago

I loved NSMBU it does have some new small innovative stuff in there games do not change drastically all the time, when was the last time Halo really changed, and Halo 4 is an awesome game. So i just come to realize that not all games in a series will innovate. Just enjoy the game if you like it.