If Final Fantasy VII’s Aerith had a dating site profile

Everyone's favorite flower girl makes her own profile on GamesBeat's online dating service for game characters, Extra Hearts.

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Lifeequals421705d ago

Cloud is the worst boyfriend ever.

Snookies121705d ago

Zack was much better lol.

NagaSotuva1705d ago

Is she dead in Kingdom Hearts as well?

Sadie21001705d ago

No one had a Phoenix Down to spare??

Fishermenofwar1705d ago

I know like seriously....I always LOLZ when characters die in FF games....Like seriously....

You can summon Knoghts of the Round..But can't find phoenix down?? SMH

wishingW3L1704d ago

she was killed not knocked down.

SybaRat1705d ago

Too pink. And too dead, I guess.

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The story is too old to be commented.