Tonight: Robot Chicken Does PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

PS Blog: "We are all gamers. It’s that simple. A crossover appeared.

When PlayStation asked us at Robot Chicken to literally “play” with their all-star line-up of characters, we were not about to say no."

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Abash1940d ago

Awesome, cant wait to see this XD

ThatMiamiGuy1940d ago

Same here. Would have been great if they actually did an episode and not just a commercial.

Rezka1940d ago

Its not only for the commercial it said on the facebook playstation page that its part of a episode tonight

Godmars2901940d ago

I doubt Sony would let them do one without restrictions. Like say Sweet-tooth ripping the Helgan into a bloody mess or Nariko raping Jax.

Welshy1939d ago

Haven't laughed as hard for ages like i did when i used Sackboy, turned Kratos and Sweet Tooth into score bubbles and pooped them all.

The whole idea of him using his poppit mid-match to spawn stuff to use in the fight is genius!

Loving All-Stars xD

Acquiescence1939d ago

That's just twisted enough to work. Dax would watch most probs.

KangarooSam1939d ago

You ever see that episode of South Park where the teacher shoves a gerbil up his ass? Well...

KillerPwned1939d ago

I will have to download this episode.

izumo_lee1939d ago

Now we are talking Sony, this is how you should advertise all your games. Have like a Robot Chicken collaboration that would be pretty sweet, sort of a replacement for Kevin Butler.

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