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Sony’s answer to Super Smash Bros., PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale brings together 20 characters from franchises that have all appeared on a PlayStation console. Gameplay has a significantly different twist to it, though. Instead of your attacks dealing damage, they help to build up your Super meter, allowing you to then unleash a powerful special attack to kill the other fighters.

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BringingTheThunder1845d ago

i'm really enjoying my time with the game

DigitalRaptor1844d ago

The game is fun and addictive but still haven't won an online game yet. It's absolutely frantic.

3-4-51844d ago

1.) How many modes ?

2.) How is the music ?

3.) How many stages ?

4.) How Much replay value would you say it has ?

5.) Pure Fun factor from 1-10.... 10 being best ?

Game looks fun