If You Want The FFXIII Demo, Start Saving for Last Remnant

Just recently, Square Enix star, Tetsuya Nomura, told the press a Final Fantasy XIII demo is on the way, sometime this year, but what exactly was meant by this has been left up in the air. A demo for Expos? A PSN release? Square Union dives into the mind of Square Enix and unearths what the gaming giant is more than likely going to do with the demo. The answer lies with Square Enix's history, and that's where a tie in with multi-platform Square Enix title - The Last Remnant - comes into play.

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INehalemEXI3655d ago (Edited 3655d ago )

Try and stop me from getting a copy and furniture will be moving. If this happens to end up happening anyway.

f7ss13655d ago

if thats how i can get my hands on ffxiii then thats exactly what im gonna do

Honeal2g3654d ago

i cannot wait for this game ... and i hope they put out a demo for the ps3 version so we can check out the gameplay vidz of teh battlesystem, lets hope its nothin like 12 *shrug G.O.D that was terrible.

I'm only a fanboy of SQuare.... thats where my loyalty resides.

permutated3655d ago

Kind of sickening that even though PSN and XBL are touted as the next wave of the digital download revolution, we still have to put up with BS like this and Crackdown's Halo 3 BETA.

This just tells me the that the developers aren't happy enough with their own product that they have to channel the hype through another game.


rofldings3655d ago

Yeah, I'd prefer a free demo on PSN, but there's NO WAY I'm missing that demo. Expect my $60 SE. Hopefully Last Remnant is good.

Mattearl3655d ago

Same here man. SE expect $60 from me as well. Hopefully Last Remnant is good.

TheExecutive3655d ago

just get a gamefly account, its a gamers best friend :)

mintaro3655d ago (Edited 3655d ago )

maybe it'll end up being this years crackdown, people only bought it for the halo beta but it truned out to be really good

Bleucrunch3655d ago

I hope the last remenant is not another crap game like crackdown....this is square enix so I dont think that they will dissapoint.

Sevir043655d ago

they did that with dragon quest 8.. they gave that demo of FFXII on the disc and that game sold over. way over... and of coure MGS2 came on the ZOE 1 disc as well so as dirty as it may be it works

I'm already eager for this game anyway so they'll have my money i need a new RPG folklore was great, but we still need more. and this game looks alot like Lost Oddyssey. i gotta play it. spring this year cant come any sooner

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PirateThom3655d ago

Square Enix have just killed 360 sales of this game.

socomnick3655d ago

Xbox 360 version will still do good.

Panthers3655d ago

no it wont. People with both consoles will get the PS3 one, and people without a PS3 probably didnt want Last Remnent anyways.

wageslave3655d ago


"and people without a PS3 probably didnt want Last Remnent anyways"

Apparently Square disagrees with you, else they wouldnt be making the fcuking game for Xbox 360.

*PLEASE* try and make sense if not, >>>

Evil_K_6663655d ago

Dam u kinda sound salty that your 360 version doesn't have a demo.
Maybe you should>>>>>> >>>>>>>> ;>

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avacadosnorkel3655d ago

I don't even want to.

When they make a bunch of movies, and a cartoon series for Last Remnant I'll think about it

Skerj3655d ago (Edited 3655d ago )

Hah it's going to be Zone of the Enders all over again only this time from Square. Which really they used to do it all the time, I remember the FFVIII demo and god I played the hell out of the Xenogears demo with PE like it was going out of business. I was getting Last Remnant anyway so no big worries if they do or don't, just as I bought ZoE for ZoE's sake and the same for Parasite Eve and Brave Fencer.

INehalemEXI3655d ago (Edited 3655d ago )

Yah, I would eventually get Last Remnant anyway too. If it does have a demo of FF13 though its moved up to 1st priority status on my list. Demo discs are always a welcome bonus.

meepmoopmeep3655d ago

i'm with you on that as well, i always did plan on getting LR anyhow but if it comes with XIII's demo exclusively then it's ranked as high as FFXIII itself then.