IGN reviews God of War: Chains of Olympus

God of War: Chains of Olympus is a stellar achievement on the PSP. It plays perfectly into the franchise's storyline and offers up the same level of intense action as its console counterparts. It's also the best looking title on the system, without question. Engaging from start to finish, Chains of Olympus is a mandatory purchase for anyone who owns a PSP and doesn't mind getting a little blood on their hands.

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permutated3805d ago

I was in the middle of posting this and then it stopped me, lol, can't believe you beat me to it.

Anyhow, I'm REALLY excited for this game, and I can't believe (after playing the demo) how well the formula transfered to the PSP.

Killer app.

TnS3805d ago

I'm sorry. :)

Awesome score.

permutated3805d ago (Edited 3805d ago )


Definitely a fitting score considering their video review of it.

I was surprised that it got such high marks considering that they marked it's lasting appeal down so much.

Regardless, this is the reason I bought a PSP, and nothing seems to stop this series. Even the mobile game was fantastic.

sonarus3805d ago

agreed even the mobile game was fantastic. I bought a psp the week the announced it. Never really cared for hand held gaming. Most use it to watch umd movies or mp4 movies. Occasionally play mgs portable ops on it but not very often. GOW will be different i will actually stop playing 360 and ps3 till i finish this lol. Funny the power of a franchise even in its hand held state. I hope gow3 has story tie ins to the hand held. Thats the main reason i bought it the story in 2 seemed so awesome didnt want to be missing any story hints in 3 due to something that occured in the hand held. I am expecting to see a GOW3 trailer by E3 expect ps3's to be sold :)

Marceles3805d ago

Stunning, March 4th is right around the corner and I can't wait

Skerj3805d ago (Edited 3805d ago )

Man, that game is so gorgeous. I think it would have scored higher if RaD added more new things in but I suppose the saying "if it isn't broken then done fix it" applies here. Here's my favorite part of the review:

"Perhaps the most impressive thing about the whole visual presentation is that after you start the game or load a save, you'll never see a loading screen again. Well, if you go backwards to somewhere the game doesn't expect you to then you will, but you can forge straight through the game without looking back and never see a loading icon."

That's quite impressive for the PSP, I'm hoping that more games end up like that later on. Patapon, God of War, and Crisis core hitting around the same time? PSP is a pocket juggernaut.

Marceles3805d ago

Yes indeed, Patapon's gameplay is really awesome trying to learn all of those rhythm commands. It's like a stylized rhythm RPG...I expect sales to go up alot outside of Japan (which they're already climbing).

*goes to play GoW demo*

TheExecutive3805d ago

I am in love with patapon, the best demo in years. I didnt get the GOW demo so i just have to wait for the game. Seriously though, patapon, beats, and GOW are enough reasons to invest in a psp.

Skerj3805d ago

I'm kinda pissed at Sony over Patapon. It's out next week and I've not seen ONE single advertisement for it. Maybe I'm missing something but no commercials and no web ads yet so wth? The PSN demo doesn't count either, are they relying on word of mouth or something?

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