Xbox 720, Sony PS4 transition has been too slow

Alan Ng:

It’s fair to say that the anticipation for next-generation consoles is the highest its ever been, with potentially just 12 months remaining until Sony and Microsoft unveil their respective PS4 and Xbox 720 consoles, which they hope will provide consumers with a new and better ‘next-gen’ alternative to Nintendo’s Wii U which has just released in the US.

It’s also fair to say that the wait has been a painful one for gamers, albeit an understandable one, as there’s no changing that final hardware once its out, highlighting the need for Sony and Microsoft to perfect their consoles as much as possible, before finally biting the bullet ahead of potential reveals at E3 2013.

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Perjoss2007d ago

I dont think the transition is late at all, both consoles are still releasing very good looking games. As long as both companies address the biggest concerns for each console (xbox needs reliable hardware on launch and the ps4 needs to be more developer friendly) i don't see the problem.

2007d ago
Thatguy-3102007d ago

Being how it has taken so long for next gen to come I have no idea how people believe Microsoft and sony wont release new consoles that are superior to the current ones. If they were going for a small upgrade wouldn't they just have released it already?

danswayuk2007d ago

PC hardware isn't what I want, but the gap is massive with what consoles can do, so XBox 720 and PS4 are needed badly. One look at real PC gaming shows how far behind consoles are, but we will be sitting pretty next year one again for a few years.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2007d ago (Edited 2007d ago )

PC hardware is what you will get though. either way.

at this pace we will get playstation 9 in 48 years. yay?

Eldyraen2007d ago

I doubt next gen games will look that nice, especially not at launch and expect to run at 1080p and 60fps.

I simply think the leap from this generation of consoles to today's top of the line PCs is way too high to be financially feasible for either MS/Sony to be willing to take the required loss on consoles or sell them for astronomical prices (compared to past consoles). They could of course do it and I'd love them to look like that but it just seems a bit of a stretch and be a huge financial risk (especially in today's market).

I do think the leap can and will be substantial but not as noticeable as current gen and their PC counterparts of today (top shelf ones anyways). Still, if they "only" look as good as top tier PC games of the past 2-3 years its a huge step up and more than sufficient as they'll be able to push them a bit further as better hardware will be lowest common denominator this time (which is often overlooked--PC versions ATM are still "capped" by console specs for polygons, unless tessellation is allowed).

No matter what though as long as they're not too gimmicky (Wii) I'll be picking them up for exclusives and to play with console friends.

decrypt2007d ago


U will be getting very low end - low end PC hardware at best with the next consoles. Software will be sold with every royalty charges so the middle men Sony and MS can leach on.

Bottom line is both the consoles will be even more PC like, yet just locked down and even more under the control of their masters aka MS, Sony.

Outside_ofthe_Box2007d ago

***"U will be getting very low end - low end PC hardware at best with the next consoles."***

Cut the BS. Next gen consoles will essentially be high-end PCs at bargain price similar to how the PS3 and 360 were when they launched. Don't be jelly.

Jimmywilhelm2007d ago

Exactly, unless box has some sort of information all we can go on right now is rumors.

And the rumors are looking terrible, Obviously outside has no clue about hardware. A 6670/7670 is a decidedly lowend GPU. Even when it was new the 6670 was low range.

We're going to see another gen full of stagnation and lazy development.

black9112007d ago

Show me atleast 3 retail pc games that look better than Beyond:two soul?

Jimmywilhelm2007d ago

max payne 3, crysis 2, just cause 2, assassins creed 3, sleeping dogs, natural selection 2, metro 2033, the witcher 2, mirror's edge, battlefield 3.

I could go on for a while

Summons752007d ago

How can there be a transition between ps360 to ps4/nextbox when they haven't even been announced. Sure there is a high possibility of them being announced next year but they haven't now so there can not be a transition.

Ryo-Hazuki2007d ago

PS3 2013 line up is looking really nice.

Ni No Kuni
God of War
Last of Us
Tales of Xilla


I will buy the PS4 day one but next years line up will hold me off until then

AngelicIceDiamond2007d ago

Well, PS360 are future proof consoles. Sony and MS don't want to rush into new consoles just yet they wanna completely maximize the install base as long as possible with online offerings and continued 3rd party support.

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