Battlefield 3 patch addresses input lag and audio stability on PS3

DICE will this week release a patch for Battlefield 3 that should please PlayStation 3 owners.

The update, out on 27th November on consoles and no later than 4th December on PC, addresses input lag on PS3. “We now believe we have significantly improved this situation for all players,” DICE said.

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NewMonday1971d ago

I have the audio problem 80% of the time, glad to have a fix

I hate/love this game, it is stopping me from playing other stuff.

JoGam1971d ago

Lol...same with me. Ever time I try to finish Rage I play BF3.

decrypt1971d ago Show
ZeroX98761971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

Why everyone has to be so pessimist/negative?

for the love of gaming, please try to be a bit more positive and less of a douchebag, that would be nice. If these are the only comments you can make and you got one bubble, how about not commenting negative things like this anymore, huh?

If PC gaming was the only option, the gaming community would be much smaller than what it is now. price is a big factor and not everyone buy 10 games a year (unlike myself).

and if the 360 is so good, why the RROD?
I bought a 360, it fried 3 times, sent it to microsoft 2 times. Third time I did it myself with some help of a friend and I`ve been playing it since that time without fail. did it made me deny the effort microsoft made for the console? nope, I still enjoyed many games on it(Halo 3 anyone?), as with my PS3, wii and PC.

I tend to look at games this way. Most games/hardware are made for a targeted market. The PS3 is not oriented to be the most powerful hardware ever, but they got great exclusives, just like the Xbox 360 does and so is the wii.

BF3 is not easy on hardware and I think that my PS3/360 handle the job pretty well for 400$/5 years of gaming (6 years for 360).

Detoxx1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

Yeah, I'm afraid to buy a new game untill their price drops because I just know that I wont play it untill the time when the game has dropped in price already.. BF3 is just awesome, best multiplayer FPS in my opinion

Dark_Overlord1971d ago

Haven't some of these issues been present since launch? (October 2011) Its about time they fixed them

eliteslaya131971d ago

The input lag made me trade my game in. It was unplayable.

Hellsvacancy1971d ago

"Unplayable" are you crazy? I play it most days with no problems

The "input lag" is coming from YOU

Holeran1971d ago

Don't listen to Hellsvacancy he has no idea what he is talking about. Anyone that played the beta then the retail version knows how much the retail version suffers from input lag.

Ray1861971d ago

That's the first thing that I thought too.

yarbie10001971d ago

I think the Gunship is going to have a pretty big impact on gameplay

venom061971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

thank GOD the AC130 is getting tamed... now we can have some enjoyable RUSH games on Armored Kill... this game is still Head and Shoulders better than CoD... great work DICE.

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The story is too old to be commented.