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Submitted by Gekko 1174d ago | news

"There's nothing in my body doubting that the Wii U will be successful," 2K president admits

Can Wii U replicate the record-breaking success of the Wii?

That’s the question gripping the industry at the moment following the console’s North American launch at the weekend and the upcoming UK arrival next week.

But there’s certainly no doubt from 2K Games president Christoph Hartmann who in an interview with MCV has expressed his unwavering belief in the power of Nintendo. (2K Games, Christoph Hartmann, Wii U)

ape007  +   1174d ago
I agree 100%
AngelicaZander473   1174d ago | Spam
Abdou23  +   1174d ago
Then where is Biossock Infinite ?!
-Mika-  +   1174d ago
I think it will be successful until the PS4/720 comes out.
Ms is going to steal the casuals with Kinect 2.0 and Sony going to steal the core with their exclusives and Gaikai.
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deafdani  +   1174d ago | Well said
Or, you know... could it be possible that... *gasp* ALL THREE companies are successful with their respective consoles?

Success of one brand doesn't mean the death of the other brands, you know.
Christopher  +   1174d ago
If only this was the thought in every article of this sort rather than seeing people cast doom and gloom for one console or another. Unfortunately, most people don't consider Sony to be successful in this generation of consoles, which is pretty sad when you think about how it's been PS3 hardware and software sales that have offset their losses in other areas of their business.
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Outside_ofthe_Box  +   1174d ago
^^^ It's because people see it as Sony losing market share as opposed to them shifting 70 million units and counting, hence why they see it as not being successful. BUT an interesting thing to take note is how people will perceive the Wii U if it doesn't end up selling more than the Wii. Will people see it as Ninty losing market share or will they compare it to the sales of their competitors or will they look at the Wii U on it's own?

Expectations could also be a factor as well. A lot if not everyone expected the PS3 to remain atop on sales department and since Sony didn't meet those(and/or their) expectations people see it as Sony not being successful for not meeting their expectations. Whereas with the Wii U most are not expecting it to surpass the Wii in sales so people may see the Wii U as a success or meeting their predictions no matter the units it sells(as long as the sales aren't too far from it's competitors of course) because they never had high expectations for it in the first place.
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Trago1337  +   1174d ago
But what about the core gamers who want all the systems? My main reason for getting Wii U/PS4/720 is the games that i KNOW are coming to them, like Mario, Halo, And the new Naughtydog game.

i think as soon as we see Retro's new game, or the new Mario/Zelda, or hell, even new gameplay for Bayonetta 2, People will start getting hyped.

Same thing goes for Sony and Microsoft
Starbucks_Fan  +   1174d ago
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lilbroRx  +   1174d ago
Hate Nintendo much?
ape007  +   1173d ago
"steal the core"

chronoforce  +   1173d ago
the kinect could legitimately steal some casual's although I think Nintendo are gonna get their fair share ,as for Sony stealing the Core, they will be selling the PS4 to their won fans with nothing gained and nothing lost, they'd better release the Move 2.0 and grab a slice of casual pie no matter how small the piece.
deafdani  +   1174d ago
"Can Wii U replicate the record-breaking success of the Wii?"

Pretty unlikely. That's quite a high mark to try and reach. But it still probably wll turn a pretty good profit for Nintendo.
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ziggurcat  +   1174d ago
his body is apparently ready.
bruce_clare   1174d ago | Spam
Flatbattery  +   1174d ago
Wouldn't it be a good idea to wait and see before making predictions like this.

Many are suggesting that it'll match the Wii's success. The only way that is going to happen is if the casuals who were sold on the wii can be convinced to make the leap. Can't see it happening myself as it appears most of them have been enchanted by the chuffin' iPad.

Without the casuals Nintendo have to rely on the rest. Nintendo fans are a given, but I imagine the XBOX and Playstation fans will play the waiting game and PC fans will be a definite no. Those on the fence I imagine will be few in number.

Stranger things have happened so any eventuality is possible. Think Schrodinger's cat, right now it's a success and a failure until we actually know.
millzy102  +   1174d ago
that's strange a lot of pc gamers own Nintendo too you know, this is because Nintendo offers somthong different than the normal consoles (scaled down pc games) so pc gamers are actually less likely to have Xbox and ps. I know this from experience and a lot of pc gamers had a Wii (where I live anyway)
Flatbattery  +   1173d ago
I have a PC, PS3 and a Wii as well as many others. The Wii was a short lived novelty to me and everybody I know with one. As for the Wii U, I'm not even remotely interested right now. Also as I've mentioned on another story, there is zero buzz for the Wii U where I work (a well known college in Birmingham, UK) and there hasn't been a whisper about it where my son attends school. This is unheard of when it comes to new hardware.
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