PS4 Launch Date Is October Or November 2013 - Pachter

NowGamer: "I don't think Sony wants to launch behind Microsoft again," says Michael Pachter, as he gives his reasons for predicting October or November 2013 for the launch of PlayStation 4.

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wishingW3L1730d ago

my body and wallet are ready! I want a $600 beast!

Abash1730d ago

Well if there's one thing we can count on with Pachter, it's him being wrong. I'll wait for Sony to announce the hardware and release window rather than take his speculation

NewMonday1730d ago

If the PS4 has specked up versions of Last of Us and Beyond alongside Watch Dogs it will be enough for me.

Also GG and SP have lots of time now and must be up to great things for launch .

nukeitall1730d ago

I think one thing is want, the other is can.

Can Sony release a console side by side with MS?

I think not, because of two things:

a) Sony's terrible financial situation

b) the current focus on current generation games from first party

c) PSN hasn't had a revamped in ages "suggesting" Sony hasn't seemingly thought of the future at all. There is no glimpse in PSN I can see for the future.

On the flip side though, they could all be only focusing on next generation PSN and entirely ignoring the current one. However, that seems implausible as you want to give users a teaser taste to see their reaction before further investments....

Anon19741730d ago

I don't see this as likely. If Sony were ramping up R&D right now in time to get a new product to market by next fall, we would have seen the spike in R&D spending that goes along with it, like we've seen in advance of the new hardware revisions and back when the PS3 was about a year out from it's release. We simply haven't seen that spike in spending yet that would indicate the machine was gearing up.

We did just see that sudden spike in R&D spending from Microsoft though, making a launch next year likely. Maybe if we see R&D ramp up with Sony when they report the next quarter they'll have enough time, but if we don't see it by then I don't think we'll see a new Playstation in 2013.

darthv721730d ago (Edited 1730d ago )

There will be an improvement to the hardware from the cpu/gpu side but the majority of increase will likely be in the internal memory and storage capacity.

Memory would likely be no less than 2gb but more realistic at 4gb+ and then the internal storage could be a minimum of 500gb. 1tb isnt that hard to imagine.

The media format (bluray) is fine, the cell could either be replaced or have its performance increased but that is up to sony to decide. The gpu would likely be replaced with something more current.

Would they stick with a dedicated video memory though? If they did then the video could be 1gb alone and system memory be 3 or 4gb.

There has to be a sweet spot. a balance so you dont get an increase in latency. Increasin memory is a good thing but you dont want to exceed what the system can handle efficiently or things could get sluggish at times.

People criticize Nintendo and their design of the wii-u but they dont think that they went with their design because it was the sweet spot between the memory, cpu/gpu performance in general. Its understandable.

fine tuning a console is like fine tuning a pc. just because you can have all this memory doesnt mean it will run better. sometimes its better to back off a bit and see where everything works together at a cohesive level.

Im sure sony has been experimenting with different combinations of chips. seeing as cell development has gotten increasingly better over these last couple of years leads me to think they may stick with that chip but increase its efficiency. couple that with the right gpu to create a balanced platform.

Whatever path they choose, they know they cant charge $600 or $1000 for it. They have to make it a cost effective entry point for consumers to purchase.

DigitalRaptor1730d ago (Edited 1730d ago )

@ nukeitall

"a) Sony's terrible financial situation"

Do you mean Sony couldn't afford to compete head on with Microsoft at the start of next gen, or that they couldn't afford to bring out a PS4 ready for when Microsoft will?

To the first scenario, Sony are a multibillion dollar corp, who's gaming division is their most profitable by far. As to the second scenario, I'm pretty sure the PS4 has been baking since PS3 came out. There's not a large amount of evidence that points towards them being unable to have a new console ready to release this holiday (after 7 or so years), nor is there a lot of evidence suggesting it is even coming out next year. It's all speculation.


"b) the current focus on current generation games from first party"

Most of which are coming out Q1 or Q2 of 2013. Rumour has it that PS4 is coming out lateQ3/Q4.


"c) PSN hasn't had a revamped in ages "suggesting" Sony hasn't seemingly thought of the future at all. There is no glimpse in PSN I can see for the future. "

Have you not seen the new store that shows that Sony has been listening to their audience for the past 2 years shaping a modern digital online focus. Streamlining. The fact that Sony has bought Gaikai for a large sum means they have something big in store for next gen and digital streaming is something they will be looking to nail on day one. They've reshaped the entire SEN to include PSN across all of their devices. Developers have spoken out that PS4 devkits have enough RAM to be able to perform background tasks and functionality easily as well as gaming, which means Sony will have wasted no time incorporating features that they've already implemented into Vita PSN, such as Cross-game chat and plenty more.

Like you suggested, we haven't seen a huge revamp because it's clearly happening behind the scenes with PS4. They have been supporting the improved infrastructure with PS Vita, which is clearly just the start and continues with PS4. Their greatest asset now is how they will approach next gen and that includes the impact they will have with a solid network with great interface and features. Do you not think Sony has learned how important online is? They TOTALLY underestimated the appeal it would have, which is why you can see how much PSN has grown in 6 years.

They don't need to give a teaser to the PS3 audience since that's a waste of resources and working with the PS4 itself and to the device's strength's rather than the PS3's weaknesses is a LOT more plausible.

MostJadedGamer1730d ago

Agree I could certainly see the PS4 coming out in Fall of 2014.

Zhipp1730d ago

I was predicting a November 2013 release, but Pachter is never right--which means I must have been wrong. Damn.

blackbeld1730d ago

PS4 can be a killer if;

- they be more cheap like $400.
- cross game chat for the ones who wants it badly (360fans)
- more RAM like 4GB
- more hard-disk space like 1TB
- updated GPU
- updated CELL
- current BLue Ray is fine
- 4K HD not needed for new gen (global financial crisis at the moment)
- PSN keep it free for online gaming
- PSN PLUS give more free AAA games every month
- Revamp the R2 & L2 buttons also make the controllers cheaper €40.

EVILDEAD3601730d ago

Yeah I saw this on Game Trailers last week. Pachter is way off on this one. Can't see Sony going head-to-head vs. 720 next November, but it would be Epic if they did.


BitbyDeath1730d ago

"Can Sony release a console side by side with MS?"

PS4 is expected for 2013 and the next Xbox is rumoured for 2014 so they won't be releasing side by side if the rumours are true.

WiiStation_3601730d ago

Sony is actually in some sort of 'deep water' at the moment.... just putting it out there.

andibandit1730d ago (Edited 1730d ago )


"To the first scenario, Sony are a multibillion dollar corp, who's gaming division is their most profitable by far"

Their gaming division is the only division generating a positive revenue. I dont know what you mean "by far" but if youre under the illusion that their gaming division is able to hold up the other divisions, then you are delusional, BY FAR.

Using the CELL in the next iteration is not really a necessity or even commendable. Letting developers use more time on coding games, and less time on studying new processor architecture, is the way forward.

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-Mika-1730d ago

I agree. I can't wait for the true next gen consoles to arrive.

MariaHelFutura1730d ago

The Wii U is next-gen regardless if you like it or not. Genarations are determined by console cycles, NOT power. Hypothetically, if the PS4 was the exact same as the PS3, but w/ more RAM it would be next-gen. Like it or not.

jbgamer1730d ago

1 already has and be prepared to be majorly let down by how much you are setting yourself up on the next sony, and microsoft machines.

ConstipatedGorilla1730d ago

The Wii U is nintendo's next generation. You don't know the meaning of "next gen".

AfricanGamer9ja1730d ago

"I don't think Sony wants to launch behind Microsoft again," says Michael Pachter"""...te ll me something i dont knnow :/

extermin8or1730d ago

actually I suspect they don't really care; they tend to not care too much what the competitors are doing and do their own thing for better or worse....

akaakaaka1730d ago (Edited 1730d ago )

Well true, patcher is not known for been wrong, people are lost in. the hate for this guy, but he is known for been obvious and anyone can do his job plus his personality is easy to dislike.

And sony should care for others and they have always do, sadly the PS3 power was only used by their first party devs, they need to care and make third party devs use they PS4 tech just like they first party devs will do. And going by the rumors, sony is doing just that(they ask first and third party devs what they want and how they want it)

PLUS this is a big teach corporation and they are in the end ruled and planed by the same big guys behind the close doors just like their tvs and etc, is not like they invent a new teach out of a tin air, sony and m$ get help from others and most of the time same corporations.

ConstipatedGorilla1730d ago

It matters not to me. I will buy them both, regardless of who launches first.

NukaCola1730d ago

I can see a release in 2013 towards Christmas but just before the next MS system. I think if they can cut a loss or just work around it, they need to go all out with a bundle featuring a Cross Buy title like Gran Turismo 6 with a PS4/Vita Bundle for something like $500. It would be a great way to have the two together. A PS4 would probably be set in a $300 and $350 model of 500gigs or a TB, so cutting back a little bit for a Vita collection would be a huge success. I also think GT6 on Vita would require CLOUD features and they could blow us away with what they are cooking for the next generation of Cloud gaming with the new PSN. I personally can't wait.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1730d ago (Edited 1730d ago )

I want a $610 beast!! That would include a $10 god of war usb drive shaped like kratos's sword!

Really sony should sell ps4 + discounted game bundles day 1!

I may be wrong but I have a feeling sony will do something BIG to over shadow the memory of 2006 launch.

morkendo231730d ago (Edited 1730d ago )

why would anyone in there right mind want another 600.00 console ???? meanwhile talk with a friend yesterday who cousin work for MS said 720 has over heating and lazer issues which will delay the 720 released date 2014 earliest. don't know if it true or not. .

stage881730d ago

Oh 'his cousin', yeah sure, we believe you...

rainslacker1730d ago

If the console is a significant leap forward, and offers value with that $600 then I would have no problem wanting one. It's a hard pill to swallow, no doubt, but consoles should last for quite a while, so while the initial investment may be high, the long term value is there.

Hard to tell if the next generation will be a significant leap like previous generations, but going off speculation and rumors I'd probably say it's not. I'd personally prefer the go more powerful at a slightly higher cost, but with today's market so heavily dependent on multi-platform support, that's probably not likely, and both MS/Sony will likely focus on profitability over longevity.

CalvinKlein1730d ago (Edited 1730d ago )

yeah well my best friend's mom's aunt's dog walker has a brother taht works at sony who said the PS4 is coming out next week! Ms better hurry or sony will get a 2.5 year head start!

cee7731730d ago

everyone's spending over 500$+ on annual ipad iphone upgrades so I dont see launching at around $500 being a bad deal especially if its a beast

madjedi1730d ago (Edited 1730d ago )


"everyone's spending over 500$+ on annual ipad iphone upgrades so I dont see launching at around $500 being a bad deal especially if its a beast"

Problem is these people aren't gamers, whatever console preference a person has, at least they will usually give a reasonable if not subjective opinion on why "insert system" is too expensive.

@posters About next gens being a beast, no rational individual is expecting a current $250-500 video card in either the ps4 or 720, that is a no brainer.

Having said that jbgamer and all the other 2012 wii u defense brigade members need to stop spreading the misconception that sony and ms will gimp their consoles next gen as bad as the wii u is. Nintendo is known for going with lower priced tech to maximise profits, sony and ms not so much.

The psvita vs 3ds should nullify that argument immediately. But by all means shout to the heavens of the 3ds's sale, when the topic at hand is hardware. Since it is a favorite go to point for nintendo fanboys arguing against sony or ms fans.

No ps3/360 gamer is going to accept a next gen sony or ms console whose hardware is not several generations past it's predecessors. If either of them try to release a wii u(wii 2) it's dead on arrival.

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1Victor1730d ago

I'm ready but damn why patcher had to jinx it everyone knows he hit the mark once per decade and he already did :'(

Thatguy-3101730d ago

I totally see ps4 running the last of us and beyond next year just like the ps3 but on top of the it will offer new exclusives just for the ps4. Guess what I'm trying to say is that backward compatibility will be available.

KingKevo1730d ago

Did'nt you post that body wallet a while ago too or did you just pick it up? Sounds too familiar ...

AngelicIceDiamond1730d ago (Edited 1730d ago )

That's a little too soon for a full blown PS4 to get released, realistically. I'm still gonna say Spring of 2014.

Btw Pachter predictions haven't been right for a while I mean, a PS4 in less than a year from now? What about The Last Guardian and Agent we have not heard of about those games for sometime now.

Pachter says October or November, I have to disagree that's just too soon. Maybe he knows something I don't but October or November doesn't seem very realistic to me.