Far Cry 3 Trophy List

Punch fools and sharks and collect trophies doing it. Here's the complete trophy list for Far Cry 3.

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Makasu2030d ago

And best thing is... No online trophies!

Bleucrunch2030d ago

couldn't agree more....I am a BIG fam of far cry and this is sooooooooo a day one purchase for me.

Dark_Overlord2030d ago

I liked Far Cry 2, but I've had so many issues with games purchased from Ubi these past few years (and they're customer support is sh*t) that I won't buy a Ubi game on release, I'll wait till any issues are ironed out (If theres none, i'll buy it straight away :) ).

Bleucrunch2030d ago

can't argue with that...I feel the same way about ALL EA games.

seanpitt232030d ago

C'mon need this game now 3 more days........................

ethan2030d ago

I have to wait until the 4th of December :(

seanpitt232030d ago

I know its normally the other way around uk and Europe normally after wait a couple of day after America etc

Makasu2030d ago

My only gripe is the lack of a real Co-op campaign... They solved it perfectly in Dead Island, so it's really strange a game like this doesn't have it.

execution172030d ago

aww just finally looked up some info on this game and no weapon degradation, loved that in FC2 and the Plat trophy looks pretty sweet