Playstation All-Stars Barely a Blip in the UK

Gamasutra: "Call of Duty: Black Ops II held on to the top of the UK sales charts for a second week despite an 81 percent drop in sales, keeping the newly released Hitman: Absolution at bay."

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moegooner882004d ago (Edited 2004d ago )

Game was released on 23rd in the UK, chart dates to the week ending 24 November:
so sales account for 2 days only ..

Abash2004d ago

Yup, just another "Sony doom and gloom" article. I remember Epic Mickey not doing so hot on when it debuted on the UK charts but ended up becoming a multi-million seller.

It's very impressive though that the PlayStation Move only game Wonderbook is doing so well and is keeping sales momentum this past few weeks

-Mika-2004d ago

Ya but I don't know. I have a feeling that this game is going to flop.

2004d ago
DarkHeroZX2004d ago

isn't the UK an extremely tiny market anyway? The average console sells only 10,000 a week. lets see some US and Europe numbers

guitarded772004d ago

Sales aside, I'm loving the game. It's highly addictive and has so many unlocks it just keeps you playing. Also, the characters are great, and their fighting styles are different enough to have a learning curve for each character. If sales do end up being poor in the UK, then it means the UK is missing out on a brilliant game. Plus with PS3/Vita cross buy with independent trophies, there is more replay value than just about any other game. I've clocked in over 200 hours in GT5, but I expect to put in almost that in PSASBR with both versions, all the characters, online and DLC to come.

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Welshy2004d ago

Despite this being taken from TWO DAYS sales... I genuinely couldn't care less what it sells.

So long as there are enough people to fill a server and give me a scrap in the arena i'm happy. Picked it up yesterday and i'm having an absolute blast!

I never played Smash Bro's so this is genuinely new to me and have 0 regrets spending my cash on it.

If games were only deemed as "high quality" or "good" based on numbers relative to COD, the only other "good" games to even exist at all on the market would be sports titles.


DOMination-2003d ago

Err.. not really mate. The UK has a population of over 60 million and behind the US, is one of the most important set of countries in the industry. Not only in terms of sales but development teams.

portal_22004d ago

"I reviewed the game giving it a middling 7.5, and Metacritic agrees with me" - what a disease to the gaming industry.

Outside_ofthe_Box2004d ago

I knew it! I knew game reviewers view scores from 7(including 7) through 8(excluding 8) as mediocre, average, ok, not bad but not not good, etc. But reviewers would never come out and say or admit that. This only explains why the vast majority of games get 7s instead of 5s(the real average). It's more common to see a 7/10 for a game than a 5/10.

Blastoise2004d ago (Edited 2004d ago )

Well said portal.

Ugh... I don't even know where to begin

Christopher2004d ago

Well, has there been any marketing for the game? Heck, I didn't even know it was out as of last week. Something tells me Sony is hurting so bad that they can't even afford marketing for their games at the moment.

maniacmayhem2004d ago

I don't know about the UK but there is marketing here in the States.

This is a niche title, and unfortunately it has to follow a CoD release which is not good for any type of game. Hopefully it'll at least get a following around the world which will warrant a sequel.

Cam9772004d ago

I'm in the same boat as you. I found out today in this article that it came out last week; I'm a massive PS fan too, bad news indeed.

izumo_lee2004d ago

I think the problem this gen is that Sony relies to heavily on 'Word of mouth' to advertise their games. The troubles of the PS3 at the beginning did a number on their ability to advertise games cause of the debt they were in cause of that launch fiasco.

So in a way the gamers on the Playstation hasn't been as vocal about the games on the PS as much as Sony had hoped for like it did on the PS2 & PS1.

Hopefully the game will still do good numbers to justify a sequel. I believe Sony would be pleased if it did around their first party average of around 3 million units.

Sanquine902004d ago

I live in the Netherlands 16 milion people and they advertised the shit out of this game. Saw many copies sold at the local gamestore :)

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dafegamer2004d ago

"I reviewed the game giving it a middling 7.5, and Metacritic agrees with me"
nope not at all. The game was reviewed by biased nintendofanboys who called themselves "Professional"
giving it a low score cause its "Smash bros clone", while its not a clone at all

DigitalRaptor2004d ago (Edited 2004d ago )

I know. What ever happened to reviewing a game on its own merits and how much fun and replayability it provides rather than butchering it or docking points because "itz a clone1!!11!", "sony iz a copy catz".

The game is similar to Smash Bros in concept only. The only ones reviewing it as a mediocre game are the ones so protective of and attached to the nostalgia they have for the Smash series, that they can't see what is a very well made game, and well... the fanboys, as you put it. The game has lots and lots of content and reasons to keep playing. The game is a solid 8-8.5/10 - something really good and nothing short of PURE FUN!

On topic: it's a shame Sony aren't advertising this much. I guess they have put a lot into Wonderbook, but still... This sort of game would gather a lot of interest from those who don't know about it. Even something viral would've sufficed in my opinion, but this is disappointing.

Outside_ofthe_Box2004d ago

Yup, I've noticed that most if not all reviewers that give Battle Royale below an 8 are either comparing it to Smash Bros or are complaining about the characters or doing both.

MasterCornholio2004d ago (Edited 2004d ago )

"It’s a competent clone then, certainly better than others that have been attempted over the years, but nothing more than that. Clearly the PlayStation deserves a vastly more significant game to honour its influence on gaming. Copying Nintendo’s own celebration seems not only wrong-headed but borderline offensive. In this case fans definitely deserve better."

I agree with you as well that these types of reviews are uncalled for.

Grimhammer002004d ago (Edited 2004d ago )

Sony doesn't advertise even when they are doing well. No wonder they can't get into people's heads like say cod or halo.....I wonder if the average gamer realizes that the ad campaigns for cod or halo is actually larger than the entire development budget!

Edit- ill say this. PsAllstars for me reminds me that games are not always about sweeping epics or serious motives. PsAllstars is just fun! I'm garbage at it....but it's tons of fun! Add a friend or three and its retarded how many hrs can be lost to it!

MariaHelFutura2004d ago

My whole new mission is to only play fun games. Gaming has gotten way to serious and borderline sadistic and I'm starting to hate those types of games.

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