Square Enix's Next-Gen Luminous Engine still unfinished, Supports Smartphone, Tablet Games

Gamechup writes: Luminous Engine was created by Square Enix to reduce development times and increase overall quality and efficiency.

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medziarz2032d ago

you sure need it Square-Enix

Nodoze2032d ago

GASP something from Square Enix is not done and is not released on time?? I am shocked!

Eldyraen2032d ago

Can't wait to see what it looks like when its complete then as already looks insane. I really can't wait to play a game that looks as good or even half as good as the tech demos running on the unfinished version.

Roper3162031d ago

hopefully the engine doesn't fall into the Vs XIII black hole and essentially will never be finished. I think SE is going after Duke for the longest development time for a single game.

Come SE only 4 more years to go for the record! You can do it!!!

SE has gone for a beast of a company & a JRPG god to nothing more then a MEH wanna be a westernized company imho.