Techgage: ASUS EAH3870 X2 1GB Review

Techgage writes:

"Overall, the 3870 X2 is priced right, performs well (with some caveats) and would make a solid purchase for anyone wanting a super-powerful single-card solution in their PC. If you have absolutely no desire to make the move to Crossfire 3870 X2's once it's possible, going with 8800GT's in SLI is another option, as it costs slightly less, should prove a little faster and is also better supported."

- Fastest single-card solution on the market
- Reasonably priced at ~$449 (ASUS solution will be slightly higher)
- ASUS includes great bundle (HDMI support and CoH: Opposing Fronts)
- Power consumption scales well with performance

- Suffers same fate as other multi-GPU solutions in certain situations
- Bugs experienced in Vista 64-Bit, such as Crysis menu and movies
- Performance in certain titles could be better - should be fixed with future driver

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