Why IGN probably shouldn’t be working with Game

The revelation of a new business relationship has caused me to jot down a few thoughts on the divergent interests of video game retailers, publishers and consumers.

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kma2k1972d ago

They have been partenered with gamestop for a while now & honestly other than seeing how much they charge for the game at gamestop is the only thing you ever see about them

Godchild10201972d ago

This has nothing to do with GameStop. It has to do with Game a video game retailer based in the UK.

This is great promotion to help sell games and give consumers a better insight on what they are buying.

kma2k1972d ago

lol gees calm down i was giving a point of reference. Here stateside they have done the same thing with gamestop that is all im saying!

pompombrum1972d ago (Edited 1972d ago )

Good well written article and despite my personal hatred of Game, I think the writer makes a great point. Sadly, I think IGN realize their reputation isn't going anywhere.. haters are still going to come out with "you can't spell IGNorant blah blah" while those who like the site will still go there.

Funny though, I just came back from my local gamestation (now game) store and had one of their staff kick up a mini emo fit. I traded in Black Ops 2 and those cheap barstewards offered me just £20 for it.. fortunately I matched it with cex's price and got £37 instead. Still, it's no wonder they have trade in signs plastered all over their damn store, I feel sorry for all the poor idiots out there who accept their rip off trade in prices especially seeing as they probably sell Black Ops 2 second hand for over double what they offered me.

GoldenGamer1972d ago

Out of interest how do you match the price? I read on the website they don't accept online price matches

pompombrum1972d ago

CEX just publish their trade in values on their website. When you ask to match it with them, they will bring up the website on their phone/ipad/ and check. Don't know if anyone has issues doing this but in my local Game shops, I've never had a problem doing this.

Abdou231972d ago

I don't follow ign anymore, especially when it comes to reviews.