Worst gaming product ever

Talismoon make peripheral products for consoles and PC's. They have announced a new product for those of us that can't see the cross hairs on the TV screen.

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avacadosnorkel3748d ago

I thought this article was about the 360 :)

Laexerias3748d ago

And this Post brought you one Bubble from me. \O_o/

solar3748d ago

@ 1.

lmao..that was a low blow man. they arent that bad :D

dry erase marker dot in the middle of the screen. get a sniper rilfe, zoom thru scope, place ur dot, done.

MK_Red3748d ago

Sorry but the "Worst gaming product ever" is reserved for Wii Fit and nothing can replace it.

Back to topic, I don't see how this crosshair thing is THE worst. There have been more than few other products that are far more useless than this.

TrenchaunT3748d ago

I hate to say this, but that might actually give some people a big advantage in Gears shot gun battles. You have to know where the middle of the screen is because you don't have time to aim when you're really close up, or when you're roadie running up behind someone.

But I hope no one is that obsessed with winning.

benihya3748d ago

if it is $4.99 or less, i will buying day one
this good for blind fire.

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