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Smart As...Review For The PlayStation Vita [Gamer Living]

Gamer Living's Blair Hicks gets smart with his PlayStation Vita in this new brain game from Sony. (PS Vita, Smart As) 4.5/5

G20WLY  +   594d ago
I quite fancied this game, but the reviews have varied from average to great.

Any personal experiences anyone could share?
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Ron_Danger  +   594d ago | Helpful
It's a perfect game if you just want to play a little bit at a time... The puzzles are pretty creative and complex. It's a slow start though and you unlock more games each day, so it'll take 2 or 3 weeks just to unlock all the games. The game is short enough to play for just a few minutes, but complex enough (at higher difficulties) to keep you playing for hours at a time
G20WLY  +   594d ago
Thanks for the help Ron, Sounds right up my street - need to get the cogs turning on my commute each day.

My girlfriend wants a new brain training game too (she loved the old DS one), so this should keep her sweet at the same time ;)
Ron_Danger  +   594d ago
Also, even though it's not a brain trainer, check out Frobisher Says... It's free and it's just a bunch of really short (like 10 seconds max) mini games and it has local multiplayer on the same system if you want to play against your girlfriend
G20WLY  +   594d ago
Ha ha, we're already loving that game! And so are my nephews. In fact, I have a surprise for them next time they're round, as I just downloaded the Mega fun add-on pack (not the Super fun one, we already had that) that was released last week!

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