Fighting Games Rough Up Japanese Arcade Conference

Gamespot writes:

"The annual Amusement Machine Operators' Union show in Japan is a dealer-oriented event that gives a sneak preview of arcade games coming out in the near future. For the past few years, video games at the AOU were mostly networked table games such as mahjong and card battles. This year, though, fighting games stormed center stage at the event. Nearly 10 titles were shown at the AOU, and it seems that 2008 will definitely see the genre well-represented in Japanese arcades."

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clearelite3832d ago (Edited 3832d ago )

The arcade machines are too expensive for ME. But, Street Fighter 4 on ps3, cant wait. Hopefully they will leave the old authentic street fighter feel though. I would also like to see a new intuitive supercombo system. hope they dont rush it, or emphasize graphics over gameplay

MK_Red3832d ago

Along with the popular ones, I'm really interested in BlazBlue and Fate: Unlimited Codes.