Cyber Monday 2012: Microsoft Official Deals Are Back; Xbox Live Disappoints

Techtorial: Here's a list of Cyber Monday deals you can now get for Microsoft (PC & XBox 360) along with Xbox Live's mediocre sales.

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Megaton2092d ago

That's an ugly sale on XBL. 2 of those things are free on PC all year round.

NeverEnding19892092d ago

Not from Microsoft, but there are a couple of deals going around today such as this one 4000 MS points for about $37 (this is essentially discounted money). I'll now be buying Halo 4 DLC for $5 off.

And the same site has 12 months gold memberships for under $40

sitharrefus2092d ago

I have to admit, i have xbox live, and i barely use it. It has become a ripoff, i have it because when i was in college but i decided not to pay anymore. Unless if i find a 12 month for 30 bucks or so. Wish Microsoft will stop ripping off people!

DERKADER2092d ago

No ones got a gun to your head.

Roper3162092d ago

typical MS over priced garbage that is free everywhere else. Wonder how many of the MS sheeple will bite?

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