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Why They're Playing: Persona 4: Golden

Gamasutra: We know you're busy making games.

That's why from here on out, Gamasutra will be bringing you a regular look at what passionate game fans are talking about right now, tapping the zeitgeist to look at what makes these heroic new fan favorites tick.

Sometimes cultural buzz isn't just about retail units, formal market research and sales figures.

This time, we take a look at the complex appeal of Atlus' rich, explosive JRPG Persona 4: Golden. (Persona 4 Golden, PS Vita)

NewMonday  +   595d ago
This is they way gaming media is supposed to be all the time, talking about what makes games great, and introducing them to a new generation, not the spamming of negativity we get today.
Eazy-Eman  +   594d ago
I'm Eazy-Eman, and I approve this message.
LOGICWINS  +   594d ago
The media ALSO has the responsibility of making criticisms when they believe that something isn't right such as Day 1 DLC, yearly game rehashes, using resources to add multiplayer to traditionally single player games etc. Nothings wrong with spouting negativity when that negativity is justified. Imagine how the world would be if the media never spoke out against slavery, honor killings in middle eastern countries etc.

The media shouldn't be entirely positive, nor should it be entirely negative. It should be a mixture of both.

I don't want anyone to sugarcoat my vegetables, but I don't want anyone to take a dump on them either.
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NewMonday  +   594d ago
They don't even know how to how to be critical, you can't tell the difference between an "article" from a supposed professional and an amateur forum post.
LOGICWINS  +   594d ago
I believe the media as a whole needs more positivity and more negativity. If you watch an HHG vid, you'll see that he's more passionate about games than pretty much any big name journalist out there. On the other hand, reviews should be more critical. Mass Effect 3's horrid ending that failed to live up the promise of early game saves having a MAJOR effect on the game's conclusion should have weighed down the recommendation of the game. Many critics didn't even mention the ending.
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leahcim  +   594d ago
it is near to be the highest rated game for 2012 on metacritic... (0 0)
belac09  +   594d ago
P4G, my game of the year, i know its a re release but i cant stop playing it, i have all the newest games from zero escape to ragnarok odyssey to Z.O.E HD and all i can play is P4G, its soooo good!
TheLastGuardian  +   594d ago
I'm playing the hell out of Persona 3 Portable right now, trying to hurry up and finish so I can start P4G. I've put like 40 hours in this week. love this game. I hear P4G is even better so I can't wait to play it.
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kopicha  +   594d ago
I am very impress by the game too. Have never played Persona series. Not really a SMT fan. Was initially quite hesitated to get it, since I never played the past series before. but since I have not gotten any rpg for my vita, I end up pulling the plug and go for it. I feel that this game really worth every single penny and more. really love the game. this game kinda put many jrpgs from this gen to shame. vita owners should not miss this release.
TheColbertinator  +   594d ago
Persona 4 is the epitome of brilliant game design.Great characters,great music,well paced story,massive customization options and simple turn based RPG controls.

P4G is my GOTY.

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