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Clickonline writes: "PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale is first and foremost intent on creating a fun, accessible brawler with some hidden depths. And it succeeds in those efforts, bringing a roster of wonderfully animated and inventively implemented characters into a world filled with detail and supported by gameplay which welcomes button mashers but rewards more considered play – without ever getting too fussy about it."

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WiiUalpha2003d ago ShowReplies(3)
Blastoise2003d ago

Getting this for Christmas :) looking forward to it, been hyped since the beta

cpayne932003d ago

It's a lot of fun, maybe not as good as smash bros, but its one of the best party games I've ever played. Been playing a lot with buddies at college, and its pretty awesome that the vita version is included.

sarshelyam2003d ago (Edited 2003d ago )

I bagan this game with the same button-mashing intent the review outlines, but found myself really pulling back to discover the nuances of a more tactical approach. I understand pretty much every game within this subset of the fighting genre, rewards players for button mashing in an attempt to be accessible, but none ever seemed to open up the same was as PSASBR!

Furthermore, I was worried that similarly equipped characters would be too close in design and execution. Good Cole and Evil Cole are polar opposites in mechanic and play-style, and similarly Dante & Raiden share nothing more than a bladed weapon, each with their own unique move-sets. I also found it amazing how unique and tactical each character's Special's are. Not everyone's Level 3 is a go-to. Often times a Level 1 or Level 2 can make all the difference in being a last place player, to coming out on top in the final moments with a well-place LVL1/2 Special.

It's quite amazing how much Superbot has put into this product and, while it's simply the first small step, I can see this evolving in time and becoming the next super franchise for the PlayStation platform.

League_of_Draven2003d ago

I hope Sony pulls a LBP Karting and makes another game like Playstation All Stars but they need to keep it far away from Superbot and give it to a dev team that knows how to make games.

Blastoise2003d ago (Edited 2003d ago )

Superbot did a great job with this game, what are you talking about? And the planned DLC characters are free. I would be happy if it was Superbot making a sequel (which I assume it will be, in a few years time)

Edit @ Below
Well, You can say what you want about the backgrounds and menu's ect (Oh no! the menu's are terrible! what a terrible developer, how do I enjoy this fighting game now?)
But the main fighting is a blast, the music is great, the levels are great & the online and vita connectivity runs fine.

Plus, Gravity Rush and Starhawk are NOT mediocre titles -_-'

League_of_Draven2003d ago

No, they did a terrible job with it. The backgrounds, menus, transitions, unlocks, etc are all amateurish. The game feels like a low budget indie title. Also, the DLC characters are only free for the first 2 weeks (not like it matters as they're both 2 obscure characters from mediocre games).

This game is even more bare bones than MvC3.

HarryMasonHerpderp2003d ago

Whoa whoa whoa....
Gravity Rush is NOT mediocre.
As for the menus in PS All Stars I agree they do suck but it's not the end of the world it doesn't effect the actual gameplay one bit.

sarshelyam2003d ago

I wanted to LOL...but then I realized you were being serious. Serious misplacement of reason that is.

Do your homework on Superbot and you'll see that they're not only the right team for the job, but quite accomplished in the genre in which PSASBR inhabits.

It seems to me that your comment is misplace, misguided, and simply ill-informed. I can't imagine anyone who has actually played the game could share the complaints you do.

It's one thing to not be a fan of the genre, and another to simply troll because you're a fan of the titles inspiration and refuse to acknowledge PSASBR is a completely competent entry in the space it occupies.

Godchild10202003d ago

The Menus mean nothing to me at least. I buy a game to play the game; Singleplayer, Multiplayer and other games modes. The menu is the last thing I want to play in a game.

Also Gravity Rush is one of through Best titles to come out of Japan that is not a JRPG. The game can get addicting; with its unique gameplay and free roam. StarHawk more or less, but the build and play system is another unique gameplay experience. Both games are far from mediocre, one just sold worse than expected.

While I will say the rivalry system and the point to where you meet them and the boss should of hand a better build up. That is the down fall I see in this game.

Free is free even, if it is for a limited time

FunAndGun2003d ago

I like how you attack everything but the gameplay. The reason you can't attack the gameplay is because it is a damn solid fighter.

do you play the menus and the backgrounds or do you play the game?!

dafegamer2003d ago

since when is gravity rush mediocre? Lol you have no clue that gravity rush is actually one of the best games of all time to be made in Japan

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godofboobees2003d ago

@league I continue playing games based on how good the menus are. Gtfo troll

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