Planet Xbox 360: Turok Review

Ed Ransbottom of Planet Xbox 360 writes: The first time one plays Turok two things will stand out, great graphics and horrible controls. Let's accentuate the positive to begin with. The world on which Turok is set is a lush, green planet with great looking vegetation and landscapes. To fill out the scenery, docile dinosaurs round out the ecosystem, oblivious to your combat operations. Although approximately 70% of the campaign is set at night or in dark caverns, when present the lighting effects are done extremely well. The visuals are held together by a solid frame rate that stutters only when the autosave feature kicks in, however since the checkpoints come after you've cleared an area, the hesitations are not a huge problem.

As any Turok fan would hope, special attention was paid to the dinosaurs. They are visually stunning, animated very well and move and behave in ways that science theorizes that they should have. Both human and create alike can be stunned and knocked down, only to get back up and continue the fight. There is a decent variety special knife "fatality" animations which show Joseph Turok skillfully bringing down raptors or stealthily dispatching Wolf Pack soldiers. Overall, Turok's graphics are among the upper tier of current generation titles, and will not disappoint even the most discerning of gamers.

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