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Wii U Cheaper Than Wii: Australian Launch

rustyshell.com: Thanks to JB Hi Fi and Kmart, Wii U is available cheaper than Wii at launch in Australia. (Wii U)

TiberusX87  +   508d ago
That's just fantastic! About time they cut us some slack.
bubblebeam  +   508d ago
Actaully, consoles over here in Aus are cheaper than the U.S. They get us with the games though :(

I thought it was funny how in the U.S, they were complaining about the $600 price tag on the PS3. Both the 360 and PS3 were $1000 over here.

Interesting to see what the next Xbox/PS will be over here compared to the U.S, given we are now at parity.
WiiUalpha  +   508d ago
Your first sentence you say they are cheaper there then you say PS3 and 360 were both 1000.00
TiberusX87  +   508d ago
@ Bubblebeam.

Everything is still cheaper in the US. Consoles included.

With JB selling new releases @ $69.00 and the Wii-U @ $399.00 it's as close as it's ever been, but still more expensive.

The PS3 Launched @ $999.00, 360 @ $649.00 & Wii @ $399.00
Game RRP in 2006 was $99.00 - $119.00

Massive improvements.
bubblebeam  +   507d ago

Yes, when consoles first come out, they are more expensive in Aus. Consoles were actually cheaper here (at least the PS3) for most of last year.

It seems we get more of the price cuts, and earlier than the U.S.

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