Halo 4 Tricks: 5 Crucial Game Tips and Tricks

Perhaps no other first-person shooter offers the kind of repeated playability that Halo does; existing in a sci-fi world allows for creative freedom beyond anything the “realistic shooters” can offer. Of course, the reason new players are often unable to enjoy a game is because the existing competitors have become so talented that the bar for successful entry has been set abnormally high. Therefore, if you don’t consider yourself so prodigiously talented, here are the tips to keep you in the game.

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grifter0242007d ago

How about some real tips:

1. if the map is real long range meaning most of the fights are long range pick the's more accurate and the zoom is higher.

2. When shooting with the BR , shoot for the stomach with the 5th shot being at the head, alot of people die because they miss 1-2 bullets a burst on the BR. This way most of your shots land.

3. IF you have an ordanace drop and it's a overshield drop it and bait opponents into you. When you pick up have 1-2 seconds of invincibility before you start taking shield damage and even then it's the OS and not your actual shields...I've killed multiple people like this.

4.When you see a ghost flying at you don't jump..most of the time he will stop in front of you wait for you to jump and then splatter you on the way down.

5.Dexterity isn't needed, when you reload watch your ammo...once you see the bullets/rockets reappear just switch weapons twice and you will cancel the reload and be able to shoot faster.

Loki862007d ago (Edited 2007d ago )

All great tips, here is 5 more:

1. Only sweep snipe when your opponent is moving, otherwise just point and aim.

2. Always go for higher ground, DMR users have a very hard time hitting a headshot when you are above them.

3. It is usually a good idea to grenade the corners in front of you after you kill someone because 9/10 times his teammate is coming for the easy kill.

4. Take advantage of the map terrain and know when you enter a battle where your best cover is.

5. When using the sticky detonator always shoot the spot behind them because almost every time they will turn and run when they hear it go off.

grifter0242007d ago

Forgot one:

1. When you kill someone and he is a pretty good distance off even if he has a good weapon do NOT go and pick up the weapon.

9times out of 10 the guy you killed will respawn instantly and go straight towards the place he died so he can pick up his weapon again...9 times out of 10 he will kill you before your shields recharge from the fight.

QuantumWake2007d ago (Edited 2007d ago )

^^ All very good tips! Bubbles+!

Edit: Whoops, could have sworn I hit the reply button to grifter024. lol