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Submitted by Barry_Burton_84 1168d ago | opinion piece

3 games that can save PS Vita in 2013 writes:

"Chalk it up to the cost of the device, the increasing competition from SmartPhones and Tablets, 3DS or simply because people aren’t away of what PS Vita can do, but Sony’s handheld isn’t in the best position. The question is, what happens now? Ultimately, it all comes down to the games; PS Vita is a games device first and foremost, and software is going to make or break it." (PS Vita)

MultiConsoleGamer  +   1168d ago
Agree with all three choices, and they need this stuff as soon as possible.
SynGamer  +   1167d ago
This should really be a list of "5 games that can save PS Vita 2013"

#4 would be Final Fantasy
#5 would be God of War

I know FFX HD is in the works, but I doubt we'll see it this year. God of War is also rumored to be in the works, so we'll see. I still think Sony should pay Square for a Final Fantasy 7 HD remake on both PS3 (or PS4) and PS Vita. Cloud saves/cross-play, and they'll move units.
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MikeMyers  +   1167d ago
I can't wait for the list for 2014 titles that can save Vita. These topics don't really do anything aside from clash with those who enjoy Vita and those who apparently have no faith in the device.
ABizzel1  +   1167d ago
Let's wait and see what happens this holiday before claiming it needs saving, but the following games wouldn't hurt if they came out 2013:

America: Grand Theft Auto, God of War, Call of Duty Vita (proper game),

Europe: Gran Turismo, Assassin's Creed V2, Fifa (proper game),

Japan: Final Fantasy, Monster Hunter, Metal Gear Solid

Add in Tearaway, Killzone PSV, Sly Copper (Cross Buy), Soul Sacrifice, Oddworld Stranger's Wrath HD, Warrior's Lair, and possibly more and the Vita will have an amazing line-up. Make it happen Sony, even if you have to do the work yourself.
Blacktric  +   1167d ago
They only need Monster Hunter for Japan and Grand Theft Auto for West. Then, the sales would skyrocket in those areas. Especially if they can secure exclusivity for Monster Hunter (letting Nintendo take 3rd Ultimate for both their systems was one major f*ck up).
Aggesan  +   1167d ago
I already got a Vita, but what I'm looking forward to the most is Killzone and Bioshock. Of course Monster Hunter, GoW, GTA and Gran Turismo would be very welcome though :)
Donnieboi  +   1167d ago
I'd also like to see Catherine Special edition and a new Shin Megami Game. That would be awesome.
XB1_PS4  +   1167d ago
Sony needs an advert that clearly distinguishes it from the PsP. Something with some production value that focuses on the system itself. Something that shows some kids parent that this system is actually different/better than the psp. You know why COD does amazing every year. They advertise the SHIT out of it. I see it 10 times during an nfl game. That's what they need to do with the Vita. Make it a household name.
360ICE  +   1167d ago
Monster Hunter should seal the Japan sales.
dboyman  +   1167d ago
Tell that to Capcom...
360ICE  +   1167d ago
Another thing on my list of things I want to tell Capcom.

1. New Dante is weird. (not as bad as I thought though)
2. New Monster Hunter would sell Vitas in Japan
3. Please stop screwing up Resident Evil
abzdine  +   1167d ago
People are forgetting a massive thing, GAIKAI!
GAIKAI on Vita would kill it!!!
CalvinKlein  +   1167d ago
COD Modern warfare 4: declassified?

Really Im excited to see gravity rush 2 and killzone mercs: the first good FPS on the VITA.
3-4-5  +   1167d ago
Honorable Mention = Sly Cooper

It's going to be the go to platformer for the Vita.

It looks beautiful and fun as well.

I've never played a Sly game but this one looks good.
AznGaara  +   1167d ago
Gran Turismo = instant system seller.
andibandit  +   1167d ago
I think the Vita needs something stronger, like a unique Flagship game to call it's own. Not some rehash of GT.
NeoTribe   1167d ago | Immature | show
AznGaara  +   1167d ago
Wait... so 9 million copies of GT5 sold and 1 million of that were sold LAST YEAR bringing the franchise total to 67.8 million copies sold and you think the Vita needs something "stronger." I guess those were a couple million people who played on a "gay dualshock." Oh don't forget the PSP version sold 1.8 million in three months just to play on a "tiny screen."

GT5 9 million: http://www.racedepartment.c...
67.8 million:

I'm all in favor for a new franchise to be the face of the Vita. I LOVED Gravity Rush. But when it comes to moving units, you can't go wrong with Gran Turismo... it simply sells.
dafegamer  +   1167d ago
yeah cause Gran tourismo is literally the Halo of Europe. Hell i think its even bigger than Fifa in Europe
Yangus  +   1167d ago
And exklusive:

Dragon Quest.
Final Fantasy.
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3-4-5  +   1167d ago
Vita isn't getting Dragon Quest.

3DS is already getting DQ7 remake, I would assume because of # of units sold that they would want to put the game on 3DS because there are that many more potential customers.

+ DQ is bigger in Japan, who happens to favor the 3DS thus far over the Vita.
EliteDave93  +   1167d ago
Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Stories.
NukaCola  +   1167d ago

And a Chinatown Wars style GTA.
Snookies12  +   1167d ago
Don't you do that! Don't you make me want a game that isn't real! D:
DivineHand125  +   1167d ago
I seriously doubt these would be system sellers since the last handheld GT game was bad and the other 2 have a very high chance being multiplateform titles.

What the vita needs is vita only franchises that takes full advantage of the hardware(i mean the rear touch screen) and not something that can work on either 3ds or ps3. That way people would be forced to buy the system to play the game.
Donnieboi  +   1167d ago
I hate to admit it, but your right -_-. However, imagine a version of Gran Turismo that takes ADVANTAGE of the Vita and its portability? Like: What if you could micro manage the ability to build cars from scratch, which is something that could be fun on the go (but may not be as fun on a home console). Micro management stuff is a benefit for portable games--like the base stuff in MGS Peace Walker.

Also, imagine controlling GT by tilting the Vita to steer the car. There's a few things they can do to completely differentiate the series enough for the portable version.
XB1_PS4  +   1167d ago
The rear touch could be amazing for shifting if they implement it well!
rezzah  +   1167d ago
Soul Sacrifice.
daclynk  +   1167d ago
God of war.
Grand theft auto.
Final Fantasy.
Gran Turismo.

That is what gonna save the vita.
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Gamesgbkiller  +   1167d ago
Just put up some games
leahcim  +   1167d ago
an Exclusive:

God of War
Metal Gear
New Uncharted
Final Fantasy Dissidia Vita

would do the job
tachy0n  +   1167d ago
im not fan of COD or anything but another Call of duty could do the Vita some justice because of the many sales it has, also GTA V for the Vita would make it explode.....

but what the PSVita really needs is better marketing by Sony, out of all the time i watched TV i've seen more 3DS TV ads.... and 0 coming from Sony for the Vita :(

<3 my PSVita to death :D
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Smash3x  +   1167d ago
Am I the only one that sees these kinds of articles and thinks "SKATE". Skate would be an amazing game on the Vita, with dual analogs and front and reach touch for extra tricks.

It's such a perfect fit for the console!
sway_z  +   1167d ago
I own a no fanboy rubbish here..just the truth.

PS Vita should be Sony's last dedicated gaming handheld. IMO Sony has never been strong in this area (portable consoles) and Nintendo (3DS) has basically the best of that entire market on a global level.

Sony are currently (as with PSP) wasting resources on this product. Vita's overpriced for today's market and most of its games are available on PS3 in one form or another. Also, a significant percentage of Vita users already own a PS3 and the few Vita users I know complain about PS3 hand me downs. The woeful Vita black ops 2 further compounds its problems as an alternative.

On a positive note, Vita is incredibly powerful for a portable games console, but sadly other portable devices (iphones/ipads, Latest tablets etc) have already caught up with it on a technical level and at a more cost effective price.

Sony owe it to the existing Vita users to continue support of the console...but after PS Vita, Sony need to get out of the portable game business and stop justifying the very poor Vita sales.

For Sony standards its a total Failure.
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CaptCalvin  +   1167d ago
You're not a Sony fanboy, just a PS3 fanboy.
sway_z  +   1167d ago
@CaptCalvin .....Can we have a sensible debate..u seem immature?

I know you don't agree with my comment (which is cool) and you're probably hanging on to the hope that PS Vita comes good (so do I, perhaps I'd buy one) because maybe you own one, (if you do, your reply makes you look insecure, and fanbo-ish yourself) but don't go pointing fingers with that YOU'RE A FANBOY nonsense.

...It's redundant now...old and tired!

CaptCalvin.. you are in denial if you believe I am a PS3 fanboy....

I just recognize the truth and I don't hide from FACTS just because I have a Sony product....
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Slugg3r  +   1167d ago
Pfffff, by your logic Sony should get a way from console business all together since PS3 sisn't do so good early in it's lifespan. And what comes to Iphones and Ipad's, those cost more and will never see bigger production games (apart from re-releases of years olds GTAs and such). PSP wasn't a failure, it sold over 60 million units (could be closing 70 by now).
MacDonagh  +   1167d ago
Sway is totally right. Also, the games that have been mentioned in the article won't save the Vita. Monster Hunter for instance, will not come to the Vita since Capcom has confirmed MH4 for the 3DS only. Presumably because they can sell more copies because the 3DS sales have been more palatable compared to the Vita sales. Why back a flagging handheld when you've got another with a much larger userbase? Besides, if anything has a chance of being a system seller, it'll have to be Soul Sacrifice. They've really got to back that game and get people talking about the Vita in a positive light to get consumers to become more confident in it.

Gran Turismo isn't going to help the Vita at this point. Considering the amount of investment and time it'd take to make a game of comparable quality to GT 5; it may be counter-productive to release a title on a handheld that hasn't performed as it should've.

GTA handheld games are usually spinoffs of previously established titles. I sincerely doubt that a "fully-fledged" GTA would make an appearance on a handheld, due to the fact that the majority of GTA fans don't use handhelds. If they can get a GTA game on the Vita, it'd be a huge boost for them and it'd be good in general.

Whether or not Take-Two want to put resources into that is another story.
perfectCarbonara  +   1167d ago
I wanna say the Vita doesn't need saving, but I'd be a f*cking liar.
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abzdine  +   1167d ago
I have a Vita, the machine works well and games look good on it, but it still has to go a looong way before being the handheld number one.

Nice list but i don't think Vita problem is games cause it has some nice software already, more than what 3DS is offering so far, except MH of course!!
Sony wants to keep up? They HAVE to cut the price before 3DS becomes unreachable, especially with the Wii U priced much below a PS3 and Vita.
sway_z  +   1167d ago

NO! ...that's your logic...are you really trying to manipulate my own words and purposefully take them out of context to strengthen your own flawed thought process?


A Sony without 'Portable Hardware' would free resources for R&D, effective 'Marketing' of their feature (flagship) product (PS3/4), instead of spreading the butter so thinly across so many verticals.


I see how you focus on just iphones/ipads to justify cost over PS Vita, when we ALL know damn well 2013's entry level tablets/Smart Phones WILL have hardware capabilities to match or exceed any current 'portable' dedicated gaming console.

...maybe that's why you're getting Disagree's too? ;)

*No more bubbles, so whatever you come back with can only be a cheap shot, since I can't reply.
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Slugg3r  +   1167d ago
I admit, I might have rushed my comment out before putting too much though into it. What I was trying to say is, that Sony really shouldn't give up handhelds just because PS Vita's poor performance by far. Sony has a lot more efficient places to cut from (TV's etc).
And sure, handheld market might have lost some ground to smartphones and tablets but there still are people willing to pay for proper games on the go .3ds has sold recently and even it didn't do so hot in the beginning.
Lastly when it comes to disagrees, you've got them quite a bit yourself, I personally don't take them as anything to be referencing at.
freezola75  +   1167d ago
Why is it that the Vita needs saving again?

I don't think it needs saving. Handheld gaming consoles will always have their share of issues. You know this right? Doesn't mean that it's dying LOL

The Vita is an amazing piece of Hardware.. 3DS is as well. They are amazing handhelds in their own right.

I think that it still has some maturing to do as did the Ps3 when it first came out. A year out of the gate, and like the ps3, I've heard all of the same talking heads. "The Vita is dead." "What the Vita needs to be saved..." LOL

The PSP is still hanging around too. Damn so is the Ps2 (in certain PAL territories) so the Vita is dead

The Vita.. guys please... let it mature before talking my head off about it needs to be saved.

Funny tho, if it had everything that folks say that it needs to be saved (LOL should do a shot every time I read a Vita/Ps3 needs saving or is doomed article), you all will still say this is what is wrong with it and this is what can save it.. LOL

So, no it does not needs to be saved. Just think about this, The Xbox 360 isn't doing well in Japan or the PAL areas.. yet there's no "The 360 needs saving" or is doomed articles and it's been out longer than all of the current consoles that we're all playing yet it's still successful is it not? Peace
ziggurcat  +   1167d ago

Tultras  +   1167d ago
Get a skyrim like game on the vita and you will never need to develop a game for it again.

The idea of playing skyrim on a portable is just mouth-watering.
RevXM  +   1167d ago
well those games would certainly help. A proper GT = instant buy.

But Id like a REAL Motorstorm game on the damn thing.
Im not feeling it with RC, sure it might be good, but it is just not quite motorstorm. A brutal mix of motorstorm 1 and 2 would be awesome to me. Motorstorm Africa, jungles, desserts, mountains, towns, villages, beaches and coastlines and volcanos! just WILD!

Also Im really looking forward to Killzone: Mercenaries, got to see more of that soon.
Tunerboy8732  +   1167d ago
A portable Gran Turismo and Grand Theft Auto will surely get systems moving off the shelves quickly.That's two of the biggest reasons I bought a Vita.
Tontus  +   1167d ago
God of War, Gran Turismo, Grand Theft Auto, Metal Gear Solid, Monster Hunter and a Call of Duty game made by a competent developer will all do wonders in helping the Vita.
hkgamer  +   1167d ago
Monster Hunter will sell, but seeing as how capcom is getting better sales with monster hunter on 3DS I doubt they will release a game for vita.

Gran Turismo will definitely sell like crazy. However GT PSP was announced before the PSP was released and took years to be released. I doubt GT will be released on vita in 2013.

GTA... Do a quick port of San Andreas and I am sure it will sell. Just need to release it before V is released though.

I think what Sony needs to do to help improve vita sales is to get developers on board to release games for the vita. Here's a few that would be quite cool.

Telltale games.
Square-Enix - Any team would be fine
level 5 - Make a new franchise, that robo game was too childish
thatgamecompany - not sure if they could afford developing an exclusive so why not go for a multiplatform release?
Naughty Dog
deletingthis34675334  +   1167d ago
Besides the three I would like to see an Elder Scrolls, Red Dead, Dark Cloud, Dragon Quest, ____ Souls, hell a game in the MGS universe, and my personal favorite console IP of this generation, a 3D Dot Game Heroes game.
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pedroyamato   1167d ago | Spam
kuroukage  +   1167d ago
Only reason I got a Vita was because of the Amazon special this week. I must say I'm disappointed in the lack of quality games that are out for it. They really need some good releases in '13 to keep it afloat or it'll just fizzle out like the PSP did.
SnipeySnake  +   1167d ago
I agree that it would probably get more vita sales but out of that list the only one i'd want is monster hunter.
El Nino  +   1166d ago
Decent marketing might help too. Sony make kick ass systems, I've owned them all but god damn they can't market one since the ps2.

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